About S4H

Still4Hill is an educator and  citizen-diplomat, an informal post created by Hillary Rodham Clinton as Secretary of State.

Still4Hill's objective is to broadcast Hillary Rodham Clinton's message to all parts of the cyberglobe.

Years of blogging about Hillary Clinton, as senator, presidential candidate, and secretary of state have brought readers from around the world, even from countries that attempt to block the words of the the most brilliant and innovative secretary of state Still4Hill has seen in her lifetime. If you are from one of those countries, welcome! You will find her words, unadulterated, here.

Still4Hill lives in the NY metro area, and, until Hillary Clinton came along, the one hero she had fought for was Bobby Kennedy. Hillary filled the hole in her heart that Bobby left. She more than filled it. She is Bobby plus, plus, plus!

These words from Hillary upon receiving the RFK Center for Human Rights Ripple of Hope Award  on December 16, 2014 resonate.
I was so honnored to follow in Robert Kennedy’s footsteps in the United States Senate, and his example was often on my mind. New Yorkers took a chance on both of us, and I will always be grateful for that. (Applause.) And I followed in his footsteps again in the summer of 2012, when I went to South Africa. And of the places I went was the University of Cape Town to deliver a speech, just as he had decades earlier that continues to inspire today.
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Hillary Clinton has made the commitment to run for president once again, Still4Hill hopes to continue to ind ways of sharing Hillary’s  message and achievements with her followers the world over