Monday, April 20, 2015

Hillary Clinton will not be "coronated" and is not running for Queen - so please stop! Just stop! That was no tiara she threw into the ring.

First of all, there is a good reason why, when you type the word "coronated' a red line appears beneath it.   It is not a real word.  It is a derivation brought into usage by people who lack the facts.  At a coronation (no red line under that),  one is not "coronated" but rather "crowned" (no red line).   Elizabeth Windsor would be happy to explain that to you with admirable patience.
Second,  and most importantly,  this is not a monarchy.  Especially on Facebook and Twitter I am seeing people calling her "Queen'.  She will not be a queen.  Queens are either born into or married into these roles.  A queen by birth is a ruler.  A queen by marriage is a consort.  We are not a monarchy.  We divested ourselves of the British crown in 1776 and out first POTUS, George Washington, chose not to be declared  king and took on two mantles in doing so: head of state (role of a monarch) as well as head of government (role of a prime minister).  It has remained so ever since.  Hillary is not running for Queen.  One cannot 'run" for that title.  She is running for POTUS - a heavier and more demanding role to be sure and one for which she is eminently well-suited.
Third,  Hillary is not framing herself as one who will receive an automatic imprimatur  (a "coronation") from her party.  Rather  (properly) she is presenting herself aa a job applicant for a position only we, the voters, can extend.  If you are not British (in which case you know this)  but have seen the excellent film, The Queen, you know from the opening credits that HRH does not even have the power of the vote.  She is not among ordinary citizens.  Hillary is very much a citizen of great service.
Lastly, Her Majesty is a pretty nice girl - as the  Beatles sang long before many readers here  were born.   She would tell you, as she does not have to explain to her own people, that she never sought her title.  She has executed her role admirably considering that her earliest expectations were to live the life of a princess.  Hillary is seeking, not a title, but a job.
YOU, the voter, are the prospective employer.
Entering the campaign was only a first step.  Nothing is sure, nothing is set.  There is work to be done, and we have to help her do it.
That was no tiara she threw into the ring.  Let's not put one on her.  She never asked for that.  Can we please stop all the "Queen" and "coronation" talk?  That is sooooo 18th century!    Can we stop acting like it's all been done?  Let's get to work!

Hillary in New Hampshire: Day One

As Hillary arrived in the Granite State today, her senior campaign spox, Karen Finney,  shared this article on Facebook.

Clinton to focus on businesses, community colleges in NH

Campaign aide says she’ll discuss first of “Four Fights” laid out last week in Iowa
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First on the list, of course, was building the economy of the future.

Beginning her visit at Kristin's Bistro & Bakery in Keene, Hillary proceeded to Whitney Brothers, a 100-year-old furniture manufacturer,  also in Keene. where she held a roundtable.

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Here are some tweets from the rainy day in New Hampshire.
Hat envy in Keene, NH
Saying hi at Whitney Brothers Inc., a furniture-maker in Keene, NH
Hillary Clinton retweeted
Abby, a student here in Keene, NH took on the rain, wind, and cold to show her support for
Getting ready to order at Kristin's Bistro & Bakery in Keene, New Hampshire—first stop in the Granite State!

Email from Hillary Clinton: " I couldn't imagine a better way to begin"

Hillary for America
Friend --

Last week, we kicked off this campaign by driving to Iowa.

It was an incredible trip. I sat down with Iowans and asked them what they really cared about, and heard about their hopes for the future. It was just honest conversation and a whole lot of coffee.

One young woman in Marshalltown told me about learning to run her father's farm. A principal from Cedar Rapids said he's worried about making education a priority for his students. A mother at Kirkwood Community College spoke about the challenges of being in school while raising her daughter.

What I heard over and over again is what motivates me to run for president: Everyday Americans want the opportunity to work hard and get ahead, for themselves and for their children.

I couldn't imagine a better way to begin this race.

Here are a few moments from my trip to Iowa. I hope you'll watch this video, share it with your friends, and ask them to get involved by signing up. We need to build a strong organization from the start, and we can't do it without your help:
I'm so grateful to have launched this with people like you by my side. We could not have started off in such a big way without your support, both online and on the road. Today I'm headed to New Hampshire, where I'll have the chance to ask more supporters about their priorities for the future -- you can bet you'll be hearing from me again soon.

Thank you for being a part of this,