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ICYMI: The Commander-in-Chief forum Revisited

To everyone feeling surprised, disappointed, or even sorry that Matt Lauer has met his deserved fate, perhaps you missed this event last year. Reposted from last September. #JustDesserts #Karma #PoeticJustice
Rereading this,  I remembered how furious I was that night.

Hillary was the first candidate to appear at the MSNBC/NBC Commander-in-Chief Forum tonight.  Matt Lauer began with a question about what Hillary saw as the most important characteristic for Commander-in-Chief.  Hillary replied: steadiness.
Our next Commander-in-Chief needs to have the steadiness, strength, and judgment to make life and death decisions.
Then Lauer launched into the emails. Hillary re-explained for the nth time the classification markings. Then came the Iraq war vote.  Hillary explained that succinctly and went on to speak about her record on her broader work on legislation for the military. Said she views force as a last resort.
Hillary has spent decades fighting for veterans, members of the military, and their families.
Re: Iran nuclear deal “if Iran cheats.”  Hillary pulled that deal back into context and provided a rationale for putting together the coalition and imposing the sanctions.
“I will not let the VA be privatized.” —Hillary
We need to do everything we can to remove barriers to the health care our veterans need—whether physical or mental.
Unlike her opponent, Hillary’s plan to defeat ISIS is not a secret.
It should be noted that Hillary popped up out of her seat, stood, and walked while addressing questions several times.  Trump remained enthroned throughout.  So much for the question of who has stamina and who does not.
Trump came on and spoke at length about Hillary and President Obama when he was told not to.  He also informed all and sundry that Iraq has oil!  He said people do not know that.  Really?  Most kids entering 5th grade this week know that as they also knew before his “big reveal” in Detroit that Abe Lincoln was a Republican.  What is wrong with him? He seems uneducated even at a basic level. That or he thinks we are.  So supercilious.  So arrogant.  So infuriating!
Trump was allowed to bash Hillary and President Obama throughout and even compared President Obama unfavorably to Vladimir Putin and accepted Putin’s compliment about him.  That was disgusting!
Lauer was exceptionally contentious with Hillary and repeatedly interrupted her especially when she referred to Trump.  He was very lenient with Trump’s attacks on Hillary.  He made no effort to control that and allowed Trump to misquote her.  Hillary never said the plan to privatize the VA was Trump’s plan.  She said there is a plan, not that it was his plan, but is supported by him. We all know Trump doesn’t have any plans!  And why was he allowed to hear everything Hillary said???? What???

In the post-forum analysis, very smart people do not know what Trump means by “take the oil.”  What do you mean “What does he mean?????”  ISIS knows what he means!
And there is this!

Trump cites resignation of Mexican official as proof his Mexico visit was successful

Donald Trump pointed to the resignation earlier Wednesday of a high-ranking Mexican official as proof that his trip to Mexico last week was a success.“If you look at what happened, look at the aftermath today, the people who arranged the trip in Mexico have been forced out of government,” Trump said in a commander-in-chief forum hosted by NBC News in New York. “That’s how well we did, and that’s how well we’re going to do have to do.”
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My final two cents: Matt Lauer was a terrible choice for moderator, and he performed pretty much as we knew he would.  I would have been happier with Lester Holt or Joy Reid.  OK three cents: I blame the Republican Party for Donald Trump. Not that Cruz or Rubio would have been better, but there were sane traditionalists there, Jeb, Kasich, Lindsey. You gave us this guy to contend with and even you all don’t want him!
Here is an annotated transcript from WaPo.

The first Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump showdown of 2016, annotated

By Aaron Blake, Amber Phillips and Callum Borchers September 7
Hillary’s campaign would like you to see this:

Is Donald Trump ready to be our next Commander-in-Chief?

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un will be rooting for him tonight.

Hillary Clinton in Boston

Published on Nov 28, 2017
Hillary Clinton appeared at the Boston Opera House Tuesday night to promote her new memoir. She touched on many topics including her failed run at the White House and President Trump. WBZ-TV's Jim Smith reports.

BOSTON (CBS) – Hillary Clinton appeared at the Boston Opera House Tuesday night to promote her new memoir. She touched on many topics including her failed run at the White House and President Trump.
She was on friendly turf, surrounded by supporters promoting her new book about the election fittingly titled: “What Happened”.
Glimpses into her inner psyche were combined with anti-Trump jabs.
“When people ask me, ‘Well how are you doing?’ I say ‘As a person I’m OK, but as an American I’m pretty concerned!’” Clinton said.
“In the past I’ve often felt like I had to be careful in public, keep my guard up, well those days are over!”
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Hillary Clinton Opens Up at Boston Stop on Book Tour

Published at 12:42 AM EST on Nov 29, 2017
Hillary Clinton’s international book tour hit Boston Tuesday night.
“I’ve often felt like I had to be careful in public, to keep my guard up,” Clinton told the crowd at the Boston Opera House. “Well those days are over.”
Clinton opened up about the 2016 presidential election, calling it the first reality TV campaign.
“My opponent was the first reality TV candidate and I was the candidate of reality,” said Clinton. “And you know people were watching it like they were watching a train wreck.”
Clinton says it was a painful process to write her book “What Happened” in the wake of her defeat.
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A Warm Welcome In Boston For Hillary Clinton

Anthony BrooksTwitter

In a state that voted almost 2 to 1 for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, and in a city that voted almost 6 to 1 for her, everyone seemed to embrace Clinton Tuesday night at the Boston Opera House.
Almost everyone. Five men stood outside the venue holding a Trump sign and chanting "lock her up!"
But inside, more than 2,500 people clapped, cheered and jumped to their feet numerous times for Clinton. A little more than a year ago, she expected a return to Boston as president. But instead, this was just the latest stop on her book tour, which she's been on for the last two months.
"What Happened" is her account of why she failed to break through that highest glass ceiling.
"It was a perfect storm. There were deep currents of anger and resentment flowing through our culture," she told the crowd.
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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

At Caijing Conference, Hillary Clinton Warns on NK

Updated on
  • Says Trump has retreated from diplomacy, warns on Xi’s power
  • China could also fall victim to spread of fake news: Clinton
Hillary Clinton hit out at both U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping in remarks via video to a conference in Beijing.
Clinton, a former secretary of state, said the Trump administration had retreated from diplomacy. She called on both the U.S. and China to avoid “bluster” or “personal taunts” in dealing with North Korea, and said the six-party talks on denuclearization should resume.
“Beijing should remember that inaction is a choice as well,” Clinton said on Tuesday, referring to China’s approach toward North Korea.
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Hillary Clinton's 'Giving Tuesday' Tweets

Hillary retweeted organizations she is supporting on Giving Tuesday.

There's still time to kick in!

Friday, November 24, 2017

A Message from Hillary Clinton

Friend --
There’s a story I tell in my book What Happened that I’ve been thinking about this week. A short while after last November’s election, I attended a dance recital for my granddaughter Charlotte. Now, Charlotte was only two at the time, and as you might expect, she and her friends hadn’t quite mastered their performances.
As I watched Charlotte and her friends laugh and fall down and get up again, I thought about how glad I was to be there, watching my granddaughter have the time of her life on stage.
In a hard year, it can seem impossible to take the time to be grateful. But even as we’re doubling down in the fight to defend our shared values, there is so much to be thankful for. Time with our loved ones. The victories we’ve seen recently. A resistance that is refusing to be silenced by hateful, divisive rhetoric.
And I'm grateful for you.
This warm, smart, big-hearted team has given me so much -- from your support during my last campaign to your kind notes, hugs, and well-wishes. Now I’m asking you for one more thing: not to give up.
If you’re with me, add your name right now.
May your holiday be warm and full of love,

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Hillary Clinton with Hugh Hewitt

Yes, Hillary is opening up to some conservative voices. But conservatively.

hillary clinton Hillary Clinton. Lisa Lake/Getty Images for Geisinger Symposium
  • Hillary Clinton says she's trying to have more discussions with right-leaning media figures.
  • She largely avoided conservative media during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, has ruminated on her relationship with conservative media outlets during the campaign.
In an interview with the conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt released on Tuesday, Clinton — a longtime critic of right-wing media outlets — explained her aversion to appearing for interviews with right-leaning media, many of which made it known that the Clinton campaign repeatedly rebuffed or ignored interview requests.
When Hewitt asked why she avoided listening to or participating in interviews on conservative talk radio, Clinton said she was alienated by anger on such radio programs, as well as the various conspiracies pushed by some right-wing pundits.
"I'm a little allergic to the kind of bombast and craziness that I sometimes hear from others, because I think it has really undermined our ability to work together across partisan lines," Clinton said.
She added: "We can have our differences, and I've always thought you were one of the people who was on that side — like, OK, I have real differences, I'm going to explain what I think, but even having me on your show today demonstrates that you're somebody who wants to have a real discussion about the issues that we face."
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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving, Hillary Clinton!

From the Super Volunteers:
Hillary: "I will be thankful for the opportunity to continue my service on behalf of the causes and values that are important to me. I will be thankful that many people across our country are assuming an active role as being citizens and speaking out and standing up, which is in the best tradition of America. So I will be thankful, as always, for our country. I am fundamentally optimistic and confident, and despite what I see as some very big flashing warning lights going off, I believe in our resilience, and I hope that you know, we will have a very happy and successful new year."

Thanks to Hillary in Pictures for this.

I am thankful for being on earth contemporaneously with Hillary Clinton who continues to lead, to lend her wisdom, and to stand as a role model for us all.

We are thankful for the history you made and your courage both in the fight and afterwards sharing your story.

Happy Thanksgiving, Mme. Secretary from all of us here!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

(I am thankful for our Constitution and for term limits. Trump cannot last forever.)

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

'What Happened' Puts Hillary Clinton in #1 Slot at TIME

Hillary's memoir of the 2016 election is #1 on Time Magazine's non-fiction list for 2017!  Well done, Mme. Secretary! It was a great read. We agree with Time.

1. What Happened, Hillary Clinton

Simon & Schuster
Clinton offers one answer to the question that rang collectively from more than half the country on Nov. 9, 2016. The writing is frank, reflective and a piece of modern history.
Read TIME’s interview with Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Wows Westchester!

Yonkers Daily Voice serves Yonkers, NY

Westchester resident and 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton attracted a record crowd at The Business Council of Westchester’s  (BCW) Annual Fall Dinner held Monday, Nov. 20 at The Hilton Westchester with overflow tables that spilled out into the hallway.
The former first lady, secretary of state and U.S. senator from New York was at the Rye Brook hotel to receive the Westchester Global Leadership Laureate Award.
She was greeted -- after a speech by BCW President and CEO Marsha Gordon -- with a standing ovation, rousing applause, and even a "We love you Hillary" shouted from a group in the back of the room.
After a brief mention about how crazy the electon was -- she drew laughter from the audience when she referenced the recent Westchester county executive race between Democrat George Latimer and two-term Repulican Rob Astorino (as opposed to her own) -- she spoke about lessons learned from the 2016 Presidential campaign.
"People often ask me, since the election, how I am," said Clinton. "And I say, as a person, I'm good. But as an American, I'm concerned."
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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Bill and Hillary Clinton Celebrate 25th Anniversary in Little Rock

Clinton Foundation hosts 25th anniversary event with Bill and Hillary Clinton

Bill and Hillary Clinton attend Clinton Foundation event in Little Rock, Arkansas celebrating 25 years since the 1992 presidential election victory. Saturday, November 18, 2017. (KATV)

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KATV) -- Bill and Hillary Clinton returned to their humble political beginnings in Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Bill Clinton’s presidential election victory and the 13th anniversary of the Clinton Presidential Center’s grand opening.
The event brought together Clinton's campaign staff and the friends and family who played a role in the 1992 election.
Sheila Bronfam is a long-time friend of Bill Clinton and had a hand in creating the Arkansas Travelers more than 25 years ago. The Travelers were a group of roughly 600 campaign volunteers who toured the United States, urging people to vote for former President Clinton.
"It’s really, really humbling. Not many people ever get to know a president of the United States personally, so it’s a lot of fun," Bronfam said. “He tends to keep his friends together. And so we like to do that and we’re happy to celebrate his legacy."
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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, relayed stories from their lives in public service to thousands in downtown Little Rock on Saturday evening, commemorating the 25th anniversary of Bill Clinton’s first presidential victory.
More than 3,000 people filled the Statehouse Convention Center to hear the Clintons conversation, moderated by James Carville, who ran Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 campaign.
The talk, part of the Frank and Kula Kumpuris distinguished lecture series, drew supporters and former staff members from the Clinton administration.
After watching a highlight reel of the 1992 campaign, Carville asked the Clintons to reflect on campaigning in New Hampshire during the 1992 presidential push, as Bill Clinton's poll numbers quickly dropped.
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Here are a few memories.

Hillary Clinton in Atlanta

Winston Groat attended Hillary's event in Atlanta this week and sent along this commentary, photos, and article. Thanks, Winston!
This week, Hillary appeared in Atlanta to speak about her book and our country’s future.  I attended the event along with 4,000 other like minded, energetic individuals.
I’ve never spent a more positive, uplifting and exhilarating evening!   The Fox Theatre roared with applause and energy throughout the night as she spoke.
The moderator used a question I submitted to close out the evening and say thank you for coming to Atlanta:
“May I give you a hug to thank you for your many years of service to our country and your continued leadership & inspiration”....
Hillary glowed as she waived goodbye to the crowd.

Winston Groat
Atlanta GA

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said the Democratic wave in last week’s elections was a sign that the “fever is breaking and the tide is turning” after her stunning defeat by Republican Donald Trump.
Clinton said Monday that the Democratic victories in statewide elections in New Jersey and Virginia, along with down-ballot gains in Georgia and elsewhere, were a “resounding affirmation of America’s best values.”
“None of that would have happened if people got discouraged and decided to give up on politics last November,” she said during her stop in Atlanta as part of a 16-city nationwide book tour.
“You’ve got some important elections next year in Georgia,” she said. “Get involved in whatever way feels right for you. But don’t give up.”
The crowd of more than 4,000 welcomed Clinton with a roar of applause, and it cheered even louder when she said her days of being guarded about what she says in public “are over.”
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Bill and Hillary Clinton in Irving, Texas

On the eve of the anniversary weekend in Little Rock, Bill and Hillary Clinton made a joint appearance in Irving, Texas where Hillary also held a book signing.

Former President Bill Clinton, Secretary Hillary Clinton Share Stage in Irving

Published at 11:11 PM CST on Nov 17, 2017 | Updated at 11:45 PM CST on Nov 17, 2017


When asked what they would tell Trump if he were seated next to them, Bill Clinton said Trump should, "stop seeking enemies and look for people to work with"

Former president Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared together onstage Friday for the first time since the 2016 presidential election to answer a host of political and personal questions.
The former First Couple was very casual during the hourlong discussion at the Toyota Music Factory in Irving.
They cracked a few jokes and were very candid on a number of topics — chief among them President Donald Trump, the 2016 election and the way forward for the Democratic Party.
When asked what they would tell Trump if he were seated next to them, Bill Clinton said Trump should, "stop seeking enemies and look for people to work with."
"We're the same age," he added. "What do you want your legacy to be?"
Hillary Clinton said Trump, as president, should do more to unite the country. She also discussed some of her own missteps during the campaign.
"It was the first reality TV campaign. He was the first reality TV candidate and I was the candidate of reality. I was not as entertaining and I admit that," she said.
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Friday, November 17, 2017

Hillary Clinton with Rita Cosby

I am not the only one who did not understand what Kirsten Gillibrand was saying.

Hillary Clinton Exclusive with Rita Cosby: Discusses Roy Moore, Al Franken, Kirsten Gillibrand, President Trump, Her Husband’s Past Behavior, Tax Reform and Uranium One.


The Child Mind Institute Summit: The State of Child & Adolescent Mental Health

NOVEMBER 13: Former US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks onstage during The Child Mind Institute Summit: The State of Child & Adolescent Mental Health at The Paley Center for Media on November 13, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Child Mind Institute )

The former Secretary of State, who is on tour for her new book “What Happened,” blasted Alabama GOP Senate Nominee Roy Moore and President Trump, lumping them together, and saying there is a big difference between those two and allegations surrounding their sexual behavior versus Democratic Senator Al Franken. She says Franken’s apology for his inappropriate behavior and his willingness for a Congressional ethics investigation into that “is the kind of accountability I’m talking about. I don’t hear that from Roy Moore or Donald TrumpLook at the contrast between Al Franken, accepting responsibility, apologizing, and Roy Moore and Donald Trump who have done neither.” 
Secretary Clinton says President Trump “has disgraced the office.” When asked by host Rita Cosby if there is anything she admires about President Trump or what he’s accomplished while in office, she quickly answered, “No. The answer is absolutely no, Rita.. I didn’t think he’d be as bad as he turned out to be.

Hillary Clinton Resigns!

Chelsea Clinton Responds to Trump Policy on Elephant Parts

Barbara Kinney / Clinton Foundation
In recent years, the world has made important progress in the global fight to save elephants from extinction. Governments, businesses, conservation organizations, activist organizations, and citizens have come together to stop the killing of elephants, interrupt the trafficking of ivory, and reduce ivory demand. We’ve brought poaching rates down and elephant birth rates have gone up. This would not have been possible without strong U.S. leadership.
Elephants are dying at alarming rates—and our government just gave the green-light to hunt them and bring their body parts home.
The decision this week to reverse an Obama-era regulation and allow hunters to bring home barbaric “elephant trophies” from Zimbabwe and Zambia is a deeply alarming step backward. Because of the U.S. Endangered Species Act, the U.S. government is required to protect elephants in other countries—but instead of protecting them, the Trump administration is signaling it will be complicit in accelerating their extinction.
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Hillary Clinton with April Ryan on Sexual Harassment

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during the Women in the World Summit at Lincoln Center in New York, Thursday, April 6, 2017. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during the Women in the World Summit at Lincoln Center in New York, Thursday, April 6, 2017. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)
April Ryan speaks with Hillary Clinton who offers her take on the sexual assault allegations against US Senate candidate Roy Moore and President Trump.
Read transcript and hear audio >>>>

Back to the Future?

It feels like the #MeToo grenades are exploding left and right. Yesterday was especially active. Additional Roy Moore accusers stepped forward, and then came an accusation - with some photographic evidence - against Senator Al Franken who is trending on Twitter as I type.

The incident occurred in 2006 before he was a senator. He issued two apologies yesterday and said that he would cooperate with an ethics committee investigation. Nevertheless, there is a hue and cry for him to resign. It must be noted that many of the #FrankenShouldGo tweets are saying that if Franken should go Trump also should go.

With sexual misconduct, harassment, abuse, and assault being the hot topic everywhere this week, women in government have stepped forward. Jackie Speier is especially active on this front having shared her own story of an assault when she was a congressional aide.

WASHINGTON — Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) said she knows of two current members of Congress who “have engaged in sexual harassment,” while another congresswoman, Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) recounted a member who exposed himself to a female staffer.The members were not named.The lawmakers spoke at a House Administration Committee hearing on sexual harassment on Capitol Hill, and about pending legislation to require training for all members and their staffs, and whether further actions are necessary to establish uniform policies.Read more >>>>

Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., is hoping the increased national attention on sexual harassment and assault in the workplace will help her push through legislation to strengthen the rules in Congress by the end of 2017.Speier's spokesperson said that she and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., are recruiting cosponsors for the Member and Employee Training and Oversight on Congress Act, or the Me Too Congress Act. They're signing up lawmakers in pairs, adding one Republican and one Democrat at a time.Read more >>>>
But this is a minefield and not easily negotiated as Kirsten Gillibrand discovered yesterday. She should have been prepared for this.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) on Nov. 15 said "there is a serious sexual harassment problem in Congress." Gillibrand is among several lawmakers introducing a bill to revise procedures for reporting harassment in Congress. (Reuters)
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) said Thursday that Bill Clinton should have resigned the presidency after having a relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, the most prominent liberal to weigh in as the issue has moved from conservative media to a wider chorus of voices in recent days.
Gillibrand said she thought it would have been “the appropriate response,” when asked if Clinton should have stepped down by a reporter. The comments were published Thursday by the New York Times.
Read more and see video >>>>
I don't know about you, but I found her response confusing, incoherent. I really don't know what she was trying to say and cannot make sense of her statement.

Franken's accuser, Leeann Tweeden said she could not have made her story public 11 years ago. We are in a different time. She noted that Jackie Speier telling her own story is what gave her the courage to speak up.

Gillibrand also alluded to times being different. But what is she saying?

Bill Clinton, we should remember, was impeached but not convicted. He went through a process. Now she (and others) are saying he should have resigned?

I always find these attacks on WJC obliquely aimed at Hillary. That's just me. The Clintons are out of politics now. They really cannot be hurt. But Gillibrand has been seen as a rising star. With this response she disappointed me and probably shot herself in the foot. Or maybe in both feet.
Here is what Philippe Reines had to say.
Philippe is not known for holding back. He makes an interesting point.

Yesterday Gillibrand said she will give the money Franken contributed to her to charity. Hmmmm... what will she do with the money the Clintons contributed over those 20 years?

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