Friday, February 28, 2014

Hillary Clinton to Keynote Closing Session of AAP Annual Meeting

AAP General Annual Meeting 2014

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Next Chapter in Protecting IP:
Policy, Disruption, Innovation and Sustainability
AAP 2014 General Annual Meeting
Wednesday, March 19

McGraw-Hill Conference Center
1221 Avenue of the Americas at 49th Street, Mezzanine
12:30 PM Closing Keynote:
The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton

67th Secretary of State of the United States
United States Senator from New York
First Lady of the United States

Introduction: Carolyn Reidy

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Tweets from Hillary: China Battling the Ivory Trade


Some encouraging news today from China's business leaders on stopping the demand for ivory.

China’s Top Business Leaders Say No to Ivory

BEIJING – Business leaders in China took a public stand today against the ivory trade by signing a pledge to never purchase, possess, or give ivory as a gift. WildAid China Chair, Huang Nubo, spearheaded the effort by 36 prominent Chinese to raise awareness of the ivory poaching crisis. The group includes Charles Chao, CEO of Sina Corp., China’s largest Internet portal, Liu Chuanzhi, Chair of Lenovo, and 10 individuals from the Forbes 2013 China Rich List including Jack Ma, founder of the Alibaba Group.

"As China grows up, Chinese companies should do the same and take on more social responsibility,” said Nubo. “This is why we are joining efforts to protect our planet's wildlife. We hope this ethic becomes engrained in us and is passed down to future generations."  

Thursday, February 27, 2014

From Hillary Clinton's Too Small to Fail: Pre-School Prep


Preparing for Preschool

A child’s first day of preschool or kindergarten can be exciting for him and his parents alike—it represents a rite of passage into later childhood. But that first experience in school can also be challenging, especially if the child is unprepared. This period of early education can be especially troubling for young children today, who are expected to keep up with more rigorous academic standards than those of just a few years ago. Some young children aren’t considered “school ready”, even if they meet the age requirements, because they are not prepared to learn in a formal classroom setting.
The good news is that the skills that a child needs to succeed in a classroom or school setting can be learned quite early in life, and reinforced by parents and caregivers long before a child sets foot in a school or childcare facility.
According to the Urban Child Institute, there are four key dimensions of school readiness: language and literacy, thinking skills, self-control, and self-confidence. These skills help a child learn to read, evaluate and solve problems, and get along with other children well enough so that learning can take place. If a child doesn’t learn the proper social and emotional skills early in life, and if she is not taught basic literacy and numeracy awareness, she has a more difficult time catching up to her peers later in school.
Parents and caregivers can help their children prepare for school early on by reading, talking and singing to them every day. Frequent reading and verbal communication during infancy leads to an awareness of vocabulary, which helps build literacy skills that will be useful later in school. Additionally, parents can help foster curiosity and a desire to learn in their children by playing games like hide-and-seek and taking the time to answer questions.
A quality preschool setting can also be useful to young children by helping them become familiar with an environment where teachers and children interact regularly without the presence of parents. In fact, studies have shown that a quality preschool can actually improve a child’s chances of academic success. While choosing a quality preschool can be difficult, the resources listed below provide useful tips for finding the right childcare facility for your child and family.

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Clinton Statement: The Retirement of Rep. John Dingell

Statement from President Clinton on the Retirement of John Dingell

New York, NY
John Dingell made history as the longest-serving member of Congress, yet Hillary and I will always know him as a passionate and tireless advocate for ordinary Americans—fighting for their civil rights, strengthening their healthcare, and championing their dreams of a better life. While someday a legislator may come along to serve longer than John’s nearly six decades on the Hill, his remarkable legacy of public service will remain unmatched. We’re proud to have worked alongside him, and we will always treasure his friendship. We wish John, Debbie and their entire family the very best.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hillary Clinton at the University of Miami

Speaking to an enthusiastic audience at a Coral Gables venue tonight, Hillary addressed a variety of issues from empowering women to health insurance to the environment.   Reminding the audience that democracy is more than an election, she touched on foreign policy as well, e.g. the strife in Venezuela,  and answered some questions from university President Donna Shalala and from the audience.

Hillary Rodham Clinton Talks Social Change

The former U.S. secretary of state urges UM students to join the “participation generation,” and get involved.
By Robert C. Jones Jr.
UM News
CORAL GABLES, Fla. (February 26, 2014) — She spoke of the importance of everyone playing an active role in bettering society, noting that even the earliest Americans, such as farmers who would travel miles just to help build a barn, understood the concept.

She recalled attending a speech by Martin Luther King Jr. in Chicago and being inspired by the great civil rights leader’s plea for citizens to “participate in the cause of justice.” She talked about health care, renewable energy, and how she and President Obama had a shared vision of democracy and economic prosperity for Latin America.
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Hillary Clinton at Orlando HIMSS14 Talks Politics and Putin

According to Twitter reports, Hillary knew she was being tweeted from the HIMSS14 Conference , asked to be photographed on her best side (as if she has a bad one), broke out the political and  geopolitical talk early, and praised the health care community.  "You have continued on a path I made just a few footprints on."

Telling  healthcare professionals that we are on the cusp of extraordinary advances in healthcare due to technology, she encouraged the gathering of evidence and discouraged decision making in "evidence-free zones."  Telling her audience. "We need to leave the blaming, gaming, shaming and point-scoring at the door," she suggested we "fix what doesn't work together"  saying "good data leads to good decisions."

In the Q & A session, the first question was about Russia, Putin, and the situation in Ukraine.  Hillary did not hold back.  Citing Putin's Soviet KGB background, she told the audience that from his perspective the breakup of the Soviet Union was the greatest catastrophe and that his aim is to reconsolidate the union.   Comparing Putin's regime to those of the czars and the communists, she said there is no doubt that he holds absolute authority.  Affirming her support for the people of Ukraine,  she warned that we need to thread the needle carefully in our relationship with Putin.
Some in the audience seemed confused, even disconcerted,  that foreign policy was a point of discussion at a healthcare conference.  We who know Hillary's work well know that she would have no problem drawing the lines of relation between the two.  Others seemed surprised that she works without a teleprompter.  We would simply remind them that this is how it is with somebody who knows her stuff. 

Here are some twitpics from the event.

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