Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hillary Clinton Endorses Terry McAuliffe in to Wild Enthusiasm in Virginia

It is difficult to say who was more exuberant today,  Hillary Clinton endorsing her old friend Terry McAuliffe for governor at a Falls Church, Virginia rally, or the crowd that greeted her return to the campaign trail.  Naturally her appearance at a political event triggered a flurry of speculation about her own political future, but before you dust off your lawn signs, it is useful to bear in mind that the history of McAuliffe support for the Clintons is long and strong.  Naturally Hillary and Bill Clinton would be stepping up for a loyal friend.   Also importantly, Terry's opponent, Ken Cuccinelli,  represents the antithesis of everything Hillary has ever stood for, and a win for him would be a huge symbolic victory for the forces of radical conservatism that have the Republican Party in a chokehold.


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