Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Support: Show Hillary Clinton You Have her Back!

If you like the message you are hearing from Hillary Clinton,  now is a good time to show her you support her candidacy.  There are three important ways you can help.


1.  You can VOLUNTEER.  Grassroots organizing is heating up at local levels.  Getting your name on a local list will ensure that you are part of the push when your assistance is needed.  Click here to go sign up!
2.  You can DONATE.  Here's why today is a good day for this.  Chip in what you can before Tuesday.

If you want to know the state of the race and where we stand, ignore the polls and talking heads on the news.
The true measurement of our campaign's strength is the number of people who step up and chip in before the June 30th federal fundraising deadline. We need 50,000 donations before then -- will you chip in $7 to help us get there?
Let me break this down: After the deadline, we file a report with the Federal Election Commission (also known as the FEC) detailing what we've raised, who we’ve raised it from, and where we spend it.
That's the official record of the breadth and depth of this grassroots campaign. I can guarantee our opponents will be paying attention to it.
FEC quarterly fundraising deadlines are like our final exams for the quarter -- and the report we file determines our grade. We get an “A” if we can show that this campaign has an incredible army of grassroots supporters who care enough to make an investment in the race.
And we get an “F” if folks like you sit on the sidelines instead of putting some skin in the game.
Don't let this first report go public without making an impact. Chip in $7 before June 30th:
Robby Mook
Campaign Manager
Hillary for America

3.  You can be a part of her presence on social media.  LIKE HER ON FACEBOOK!  it's a great way to keep up with her campaign and to find like-minded friends!   Lets' make history!

Hillary is our champion.  She has always been for us.  Let's be there for her!