Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, Madame Secretary!

Happy Thanksgiving, Mme. Secretary,  to you and to your lovely family.  This  year, as always,  we are thankful for your dedication, diligence, perseverance,  and consistence.   We thank the good Lord that you have been there for us and for the world in times of crisis, and that God gave you the gifts necessary to deal with the problems and resolve the issues.   We thank Him for your brilliance and your charm in sorting out global challenges and interacting with world leaders.   We thank Him for your communication skills - we always learn something new listening to you.   I, personally, am thankful that I am your contemporary and get to be on this earth while you are.   Thank you,  Mme. Secretary,  for all you do.   We Still4Hillers  love you!


Happy Thanksgiving to all who visit here!