Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How Hillary Might Remain as SOS and Why

There was a hint, not long ago, that Hillary might stay on for a bit if Obama were reelected.   Here is the possible scenario.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton initiated an  annual Chiefs of Mission convocation in DC.  No prior SOS had ever called all the ambassadors and consuls together as she did.  At the conference this year, she gave the keynote speech at the plenary session to John Kerry .   (Check out 12:30 p.m.)  This appeared a good indication that he would be her successor.  She was introducing her people to the next boss.  With Elizabeth Warren's victory in Massachusetts, that whole plan may have to be scrapped.  Here is why.

IF Obama is reelected (at this hour, it appears certain) pulling Kerry from the Senate to DOS would leave his seat open.  Warren may have beaten Scott Brown, but he remains very popular in MA and could run for Kerry's open seat.  He could win and shift the balance in the Senate.  To avoid risking that probable outcome, the administration would need Hillary to mentor another SOS successor.  This would take some time.  So she just might stay on at DOS longer than any of us expected.   *voice of Snoopy* "Sigh!"

Well this is interesting.