Friday, June 21, 2013

Hillary Clinton in Toronto Last Night Via Twitter

Dr. Samantha Nutt, Executive Director of War Child Canada, a physician with more than sixteen years of experience working in war zones, was the emcee at the Unique Lives event with Hillary Clinton in Toronto. Since, unlike in her days at the State Department, it is impossible to get transcripts of most of her more recent speeches, using the tools at hand,  I snatched these quotes from Twitter.  Hillary, upon introduction, addressed the crowd of 5000 with these remarks.
"Hello Canada - just a few hours away from Summer."
"I happen to think everyone has a unique life. We have to do a better job of honoring and lifting up that uniqueness"
She gave advice as well as stating maxims, some of which we have heard often. Here are some quotes that were tweeted by several in the audience.
"Work hard. Take responsibility. Care about others."
"Women's rights are human rights, and human rights are women's rights."
“Dare to compete!”
When she spoke about 9/11, several tweeted that in a room of 5000 you could hear a pin drop. 

Speaking about taking on the role of Secretary of State, she said.
"We talked about it and he wore me down."
She advised the audience to put a sense of a common good ahead of competition or personal interest, and also mentioned her plans for initiatives with the Clinton Foundation.

This speech, unlike some others we have heard and read, apparently had a refrain.  It made an impression,  and the tweeters picked it up. She told them:
"It is important in today's world that we all find a way to serve. Get caught trying."
"Seek honorable compromise wherever possible.Get Caught Trying"
"Get caught trying to shatter the inequalities that make-up our social fabric.”
“Game changers are those who have dared to compete, and win for all.We should all aspire to get caught trying"

On the subject of women: "If the structural barriers limiting women in the U,S. were removed, our GDP would increase 9%"

She ended with this.
“Get caught make a build those less fortunate. Get caught trying!!!”
A Q&A followed. Asked, apparently,  to elaborate on the subject of women, politics, and sexism – particularly the sexism that has been directed at her, she offered the following.
“Live life with purpose and principle!”
"Real empowerment of women is unfinished business in the 21st century."
Responding to sexism in politics:
"Take criticism seriously, but not personally."
"I have a different reaction now...I don't care anymore"
"If you take everything people say about you personally, it can be paralyzing...but take note, you might learn something.”
"I think it's important that in today's complex world all of us should look for ways to serve."
On diplomacy:
"We don't have to like everyone, we don't have to agree with everyone, but we should never de-humanize anyone"
"Don't talk past each other. Engage. Look for common ground."
"Much of what you do in diplomacy is continuing to push that rock up a hill."
Saying she wasn't prepared for the technological  election in 2008. One of the lessons she learned was that it is no longer enough to just present your case.
"I was not prepared for a modern election.. It's no longer enough to just present your case" -
"I did join Twitter. Come follow me!"
Asked what she would do if she could do it all over again, she responded that she would spend more time outdoors in nature and that she feels increasing responsibility to preserve what resources we have.
On women in the corporate world:
More women on boards make a difference.”
“A woman will say an idea in a meeting and its passed over, and an hour later a man says the same idea and everyone agrees.”
“There is a correlation between women on corporate boards and the success of that corporation "
When Nutt tried to nudge a 2016 hint out of her she  said, "Hypothetically speaking, I hope there is a female president in my lifetime"

She closed out with a question about her legacy at the State Department saying her greatest accomplishment as SOS was restoring America's reputation.  Unique Lives tweeted that she received a standing ovation.  Was there ever any question?


Here are some twitpics I gathered.

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