Wednesday, January 1, 2014

5th Annual Hillary Rodham Clinton Year in Review: Installment XII December 2013

Hillary honored two men who were very special to her, Richard Holbrooke and Tom Lantos, flew to South Africa with the Obamas and Bushes to pay final respects to Nelson Mandela, and tweeted birthday wishes to John Kerry.

As the year was closing, Barbara Walters named Hillary the most fascinating person of 2013 and of the 20 years she had been doing her Most Fascinating People show.  We are all pretty confident that Hillary will continue to fascinate even though Barbara is retiring and will no longer be doing the show.

12/03/13New York NY
Museum of Natural History
Women for Women Internationsl20TH Anniversary Gala Celebration
2013 Chamption of Peace Award
New York NY
Best Buy Theater Times Square
New York NY
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Washington DC
Johannesburg SA
FNB Stadium


Archives for December 2013 may be accessed here.

Happy New Year to all.  Best wishes for health and happiness in 2014 to Hillary,  her family,  and all who visit here!