Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Hillary Clinton "Makers" Film in the Making

Many will remember that nearly a year ago PBS aired a  Makers film that featured Hillary Clinton among others.  Despite Hillary productions having received what in some cases have probably  amounted to fatal publicity originating from Republican sources,  PBS intends to mount another Makers project focusing on our girl and hopes to dodge Republican unfriendly fire.
How PBS’s Hillary Clinton Film Hopes to Avoid Backlash to CNN and NBC Films

TCA 2014: What PBS’s “Makers” is doing differently from canceled projects

Hillary Clinton TV projects have had a bad track record lately: Conservative backlash helped kill planned films about the former Secretary of State at both CNN and NBC.


Clinton is one of many women featured in six upcoming “Makers” documentaries coming to PBS this summer. The films highlight women’s achievements.

“I think our trademark is historical context,” said Dyllan McGee,the Emmy award-winning filmmaker behind the project. “We’re looking at where Hillary falls in the line of politicians. What is her role and who has come before her? So it’s not just Hillary’s story. It’s a broad context.”

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