Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hillary Clinton In Her Own Words: A Handy Reference and Fun Read


Hillary Clinton

In Her Own Words

Skilled orators know that quotations are a powerful platform from which to launch an idea. Whether you deliver a lot of public addresses, do door-to-door campaigning for your chosen candidates, or count yourself among the listeners you know the effect of the well-selected, well-placed quote. As we all prepare to go into mid-term campaign mode, this new collection from Lisa Rogak is a work that Hillary Clinton fans will want to have handy. 

Quotations are arranged alphabetically by subject. It is a quick and easy reference for those seeking Hillary's thoughts on many topics. Whether seeking a single relevant quote on a topic or collecting a variety for talking points, you can easily skim through the table of contents for just the right words. Thorough and meticulously organized, this is an edition Hillary loyalists will appreciate and find useful.  As her supporters and fans can expect,  Hillary's wit and humor make it fun to read.

Thank, you Lisa Rogak!

As announced here last month, Hillary will be delivering the keynote at the Association of American Publishers meeting next week.  According to this,  some lucky folks will be taking home a free copy of the book.

Seal Press Author Shares Collection of Surprising Hillary Clinton Quotes

On March 19, 2014, Hillary Clinton will be giving the keynote address at the Association of American Publishers meeting. Just in time for the appearance, Lisa Rogak—editor of the newly released Hillary Clinton in Her Own Words—shares some surprising quotes from the book and offers free copies to five lucky winners.

If you will not be attending the AAP meeting, you can get the book here.