Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hillary Clinton To Audience in Vancouver: We're Good ... Except For Ice Hockey

Arriving to a standing ovation, and departing to another as admirers rushed the stage to touch her,  Hillary Clinton made a rock star impression on her Canadian audience last night.  Speaking, as usual,  without benefit of notes or teleprompter, she addressed the Vancouver Board of  Trade on the issue of women in business and the benefit to all when women fully participate in all facets of society - business included.  Societies hurt themselves when women are not given full opportunity for participation, she told them, and advised that women should be empowered as peace-makers.  Not nurturing any illusions among female listeners,  she told them to dare to compete,  to expect to fall down, but to be ready to get up and continue the climb.

At a more general level,  she explained that the U.S. has a robust - even boisterous political system.   She took a swipe at the 24/7  news marathon saying it thrives on bombastic conflict and counseled her audience not to vote for candidates who will not compromise.  While asserting that our countries need to work together  - with Mexico as well - on climate change, she avoided comment on the Keystone pipeline.

Briefly addressing foreign policy and events in Ukraine in particular, she provided a quick history of events leading to the current situation and mentioned that she and Bill Clinton attended a conference in Ukraine last fall.  She said she had worked cooperatively with Yanukovych as secretary of state but that he was not a visionary leader.

Ending her visit with affirmation of our long amicable relationship with our neighbors above the border, she could not resist mentioning the exception: ice hockey - and the crowd roared.

Here are some twitpics I snagged.

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Hillary didn't say this but note silver medal winners:  There's no crying in ice hockey.  Just dust yourselves off and try again.