Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hillary Clinton Addresses Veterans Affairs at Truman Project Event in Derry, NH

Hillary shared a VFW post stage with veterans at a Truman Project roundtable in Derry, New Hampshire today. She addressed a variety of issues including veterans' welfare, security, and cyber-security threats.

The challenges presented by ISIS arose.  She spoke on anti-ISIS initiatives in some depth demonstrating her currency on this matter and emphasized the importance of multilateral a approach.

Matters involving deployment, serial deployment, and re-entry were brought up.  One veteran spoke about his "Carly Fiorina experience."  He was one of tens of thousands laid off when she headed up HP.  Another vet spoke about the prevalence of broken marriages in the military community.  Shortly before the event began, the campaign released Hillary's plan for the overhaul of the VA which provides for the latent and hidden effects of military deployment.

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