Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Talk About Orwellian!

A nation of drones.  Marco Rubio thinks we should all be welders.  Donald Trump thinks we should all work harder (and longer - i.e. keep on welding past age 70).  Ben Carson said today that Donald Trump is wrong about immigrants because farms and hotels need them - you know to pick the crops and clean the rooms.

In the Republican Futureworld, there is no middle class, so whyever would we expect it to be mentioned?
For the only female on the stage, there is a special circle in Dante's Inferno.  Her closing statement.
" Imagine, a Clinton presidency. Our military will continue to deteriorate, our veterans will not be cared for, and no, Mrs. Clinton, that situation is not exaggerated. The rich will get richer, the poor will get poorer. The middle class will continue to get crushed. And as bad as that picture is, what's even worse is that a Clinton presidency will corrode the character of this nation.
Why? Because of the Clinton way. Say whatever you have to, lie as long as you can get away with it. We must beat Hillary Clinton. Carly Fiorina can beat Hillary Clinton. I will beat Hillary Clinton. And under a President Fiorina, we will restore the character of this nation. The security of this nation. The prosperity of this nation. Because as citizens, we will take our government back."

Yes indeed! On the day Hillary did this.

Hillary Clinton Addresses Veterans Affairs at Truman Project Event in Derry, NH

And this.

Fact Sheet: Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Overhaul the VA

Just wondering what Fiorina's plan is, if she has one.  She certainly was not watching the back of that vet who told Hillary about how he was among the tens of thousands she laid off right before buying herself two planes.  Hillary Clinton has no plane.  Never has had one. But she is getting slapped around for not "correcting" his remark about Fiorina.


So much nonsense!  So many forked tongues but plenty of distance among them.   Ben Carson, who has no grip on American history whatsoever,  says Americans need to be educated on what happens when we raise the minimum wage.  Marco Rubio pretty much thinks we need no education at all except for how to use power tools.  They all think the minimum wage is fine right where it is.
A dystopia of major proportions.  Futureworld under Republicans promises more misery and hardship for the struggling and more profits off the backs of labor for the wealthy.

In post mortem interviews, the GOP participants thought that was a pretty good debate last night.  I thought it made The Hunger Games look like Candyland.