Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Statement on Protecting and Restoring the Great Lakes

In June, 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton walked across the Rainbow Bridge to Canada to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Boundary Waters Treaty. It was a big deal celebration in Canada that went largely unnoticed here in the U.S.  Canadians tweeted that she was wearing red for the maple leaf flag.

Remarks at the 100th Anniversary of the Boundary Waters Treaty Hillary Rodham Clinton Secretary of State Rainbow Bridge, Niagara Falls June 13, 2009

Hillary Clinton with Canadian Foreign Minister Cannon at Niagara Falls

Hillary Clinton Statement on Protecting and Restoring the Great Lakes

Today, ahead of the Great Lakes Restoration Conference, Hillary Clinton issued the following statement: 
“The Great Lakes are national treasures–powering regional economies, providing drinking water to tens of millions of Americans, and providing unparalleled outdoor recreation. But the Great Lakes are facing serious stresses, from pollution to toxic algal blooms to the spread of invasive species.
“Clean water is not a luxury–it’s a basic right of all Americans. As President, I will fight to protect drinking water, including by investing in modernizing our outdated drinking and wastewater infrastructure, and supporting the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.
“And I will promote conservation and collaborative stewardship of our natural resources, including the Great Lakes. I will set a goal of doubling the size of the outdoor economy within a decade–which will benefit communities all around the Great Lakes. And I will support collaborative approaches to protect our environment, like the agreement between Ohio, Michigan, and Ontario to reduce nutrient pollution that contributes to harmful algal blooms.
“Together, we can protect the Great Lakes and America’s public lands and waters for future generations.”