Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton Greets Early Voters in Florida

Before boarding her plane to take her campaign to Nevada and Arizona this morning, Hillary greeted early voters in Lauderhill, Florida.  Looks like Hillary has some very enthusiastic support in the largely Caribbean neighborhood!

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Then she hopped on her plane and headed west. 

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We see her with staffers. Philippe Reines is back on the trail. Also see Jennifer Palmieri, Nick Merrill, and I think that is Marlon Marshall, Director of States and Political Engagement. Marlon organizes the buses and carpools.  If you are in Bergen or Passaic County, NJ and want to hop a bus or join a carpool this weekend, you can reserve a spot here >>>>.   The rides are free.

If you cannot canvass, you can always chip in a few dollars to help fuel the cars and buses.  (NJ gas tax went up yesterday.)  Let's build a BIG BLUE WALL and Make Donald Trump pay for his lies, shady cronyism, and innuendo!

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