Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton Out and About in the Big City

Hillary Clinton has been out on the town these past two evenings.  Daily Mail reports Hillary sightings and celeb encounters Tuesday and Wednesday night in NYC.

Hillary Clinton steps out for swanky dinner at Ralph Lauren's The Polo Bar one day after eating at exclusive Italian hot spot Rao's with Bill

  • Hillary Clinton was spotted Wednesday dining at Ralph Lauren's The Polo Bar
  • She was photographed inside speaking to model Christie Brinkley, 62
  • Throughout her campaign, the fashion designer created several suits for her
  • On Tuesday, she was joined by her husband at Rao's, an iconic Italian eatery
  • While there, Clinton, 69, posed for a photo with popular rapper Fat Joe, 46

Hillary Clinton was spotted Wednesday evening dining at Ralph Lauren's exclusive New York City restaurant The Polo Bar as she is seemingly enjoying life away from the White House.
Clinton was photographed inside the famed eatery and arguably one of the most difficult places to get a table while speaking to model Christie Brinkley.
This is the second time this week, the 69-year-old was spotted out, as she posed for a picture with popular rapper Fat Joe on Tuesday inside iconic Italian restaurant Rao's.
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On a more personal note, Dianne Feinstein reported whisking Hillary out of the public spotlight in D.C. last week for an intimate dinner and said Hillary is still smarting, not just from the loss but from the grueling, vitriolic campaign itself. We all knew when she got in that it was going to be hell-on-wheels for her.  It was prolonged and sustained and the wounds are deep.
Hillary Clinton holds her head up high in public, as always, and is our strong courageous leader. 
We are still with you, Hillary. We love you. We know how hard you fought to bring the issues to the table amid all the garbage they were throwing at you.  You are our hero and always will be.