Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Bad Press Rolls On and Over Hillary Clinton - For Shame!

This is very personal for me, and I rarely get this personal.  I have been struggling to find  a positive article to share here about Hillary's donor thank-you event at the Plaza in NYC on Thursday night.  I have failed. There are articles out there, not the kind I would ever attach here, articles referring to her as glum, angry, dodgy, shifty, scapegoaty. I do not believe these articles reflect Hillary's true "personal status" at this event, i.e. I believe they are more of the same bad press she has received throughout the 2016 campaign season.

Hillary wore Suffragette White (Before you beat me down - that is what it is called.  It is not called Suffragist White. So don't start with me. My fuse is pretty short right now. My great-grand aunt was one, and she called herself a Suffragette. So just don't. We can do without revisionist history right about now.) To thank her largest donors, she took to the podium to explain what she thought happened in this election.

The purpose of an event like this is accountability. When people have made an investment and the investment fails, they deserve an accounting of why and how that failure happened.  That, I believe, was the motivation behind this event. These were people who hosted fundraisers for Hillary and brought a great deal of funds into the campaign coffers. She felt she owed them an explanation.

Apparently Hillary delivered remarks in which she cited James Comey's letter to Republican members of Congress, just 11 days prior to Election Day, as well as Russian hacking into various Democratic Party sites, including her campaign's emails as contributing factors. (So, wow! Seems the only safe server was Hillary's own server about which the Republicans complained so vociferously.) Not to mention that Hillary pointed this out at the final presidential debate which, unfortunately, I guess I entitled prophetically here. (So maybe I should just shut up.)

The night before Election Day, in Independence Hall Square, Hillary appeared to be the overwhelming winner in this contest.  For her to have to face her most powerful supporters and explain her loss was not humiliating. It was and remains confusing, shocking, and beyond reason considering that she won the popular vote by a 2.1% margin and more popular votes than any white male candidate has ever accumulated.

This loss was not Hillary's loss. It was a loss for our diverse nation. It was a loss for Democrats. It was a loss for women as well as for little girls and boys whom she inspired. Most importantly, it was a loss for Americans, most of whom voted for Hillary, and was engineered by an adversarial state with a grudge to bear against Hillary as she plainly told her donors Thursday night. It was Putin's revenge.

Was she glum? Was she angry? Was she casting blame? Why the hell shouldn't she? We wuz robbed!
Please do not attach the negative articles about this event here. I have not found a single one  - and I have looked - that was positive.  But if you find a positive one, I welcome the discovery.

All you reporters out there who rode on her plane and now describe her with ugly adjectives, you should know better. You heard her issues, agenda, and plans. You should know better.

I am a pretty mad bitch right about now.  Stay clear. I bite.