Sunday, March 5, 2017

Hillary at Harvard

Hillary spent a few days in Massachusetts last week. She held an event at Wellesley, her alma mater, and also visited Harvard for a "Fireside Chat!"

At Harvard, Hillary Clinton Hosts 'Fireside Chat' with Students

Hillary Clinton Visits Harvard
Hillary Clinton waves at a crowd of students gathered outside Loeb House on Friday afternoon. The former Secretary of State visited Harvard's campus to be interviewed as part of a joint Kennedy School, Law School, and Business School project.
Several dozen students listened to Hillary Clinton speak about her own college experience at Wellesley and the value of learning from peers’ experiences and perspectives at a “Fireside Chat” in Kirkland House Friday.Undergraduate members of the Institute of Politics' Student Advisory Committee, some board members of the Harvard College Democrats, and five Kirkland students who received lottery tickets attended the chat. Jesse I. Shelburne ’18 and Sharon Yang ’18, the student president and vice president of the IOP, respectively, moderated the discussion with Clinton.
After her appearance in Kirkland House, Clinton took part in an interview later that day for the “American Secretaries of State Project: Negotiation, Diplomacy, and Statecraft,” a joint effort of the Law School, the Kennedy School, and the Business School.
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