Thursday, March 9, 2017

No Sympathy Here, Andrea. Sorry!

Please don't give us hearts and flowers about Andrea Mitchell's expulsion from the State Department press room.  Please!

She was never a friend to Hillary Clinton's campaign and did everything she could to sabotage Hillary. She was "on the plane" during Hillary's campaign.  That was it. That was all.

Other than that she was antipathetic to Hillary no matter what story ruled the day. She never displayed any compassion or fairness toward Hillary. For all we have ever seen, she harbors unbound resentment and antipathy for Hillary at a depth women have yet to calculate.

She hammered Hillary at every opportunity on every issue, and they were never campaign issues that Hillary had so well honed. They were personal issues, and Mitchell was on top of every one.

It appears Mitchell was removed from Tillerson's press room - something Hillary's State Department staff never had done to her or to anyone.

So now, in this topsy-turvy world, we are supposed to be angered and defensive that Mitchell was expelled - dramatically - from a press session. I am so sorry that I cannot express any kind of outrage.  I spent it all last summer when Andrea was hammering Hillary on emails and on her fictional health threats.

Thank you so much, Andrea, for helping to put Trump in the White House.  Sorry if that somehow got you ejected from Foggy Bottom, but not that sorry. You had/have the power to persuade. You screwed up. There was a super-qualified woman available, and you did everything in your considerable power to put her down.

Hillary actually won. But let's not allow the will of the people to interfere.

You made this bed, Andrea, you bitch! We know your colleagues feel like they have to close ramks around you, but don't expect any sympathy from Hillary's team.