Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hillary Clinton Act IV: Setting the Stage

The interwebs, social media, and MSM have been abuzz for months about Mme. Secretary and what might be her plans for the future.  Prominent Dems, even those close to her,  speculate on another presidential run, but no one, not even the Dem closest to her,  will speak to that question with any authority for the simple reason that it is her decision alone, and she is still pretty busy on the world stage where  she has amassed considerable international capital.  We may, however be catching a glimpse of Act IV in the coming months.

The Clintons are pretty solidly rooted in New York at this point.  Chelsea, Marc, and future grandchildren are and will be New Yorkers.  The Clinton Foundation operates out of New York because, as the Clinton Global Initiative congregates this weekend and coincides,  as always, with the U.N. General Assembly (UNGA),  a good portion of it participants are  big movers and shakers on the world scene and come to New York for both events at once.  It is interesting in light of this, that the power couple apparently has two international events planned for the state that gave them their start.

Clintons bring international leaders to Arkansas

UPDATED 10:21 AM CDT Sep 21, 2012

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. —Two meetings of international leaders are coming to Arkansas this fall, courtesy of Bill and Hillary Clinton.
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is to host a gathering of about 50 foreign ambassadors in October in Little Rock and northwest Arkansas. Former President Bill Clinton is to bring about 40 former heads of state to Little Rock in December for a gathering of the Club de Madrid.
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Clearly, given the current economy, these events serve as love notes to Arkansas in that the result may well be a boost to tourism there.  But they also may be providing us with a glimpse of what Mme. Secretary's next act may consist of.  No matter  what she finally decides to do, it appears very clear that as she closes Act III,  she and her other half step onto the stage for Act IV as THE International Couple of History!