Monday, September 30, 2013

Hillary Clinton Assumes Leadership Chair at Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

Last Thursday, after the closing session of CGI 2013, after the good-byes, thank yous, and departures, Hillary Clinton moved on to meet old friends, some of whom, indeed, had participated in this year's annual Clinton Global Initiative. She went to a meeting, the third annual one, of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves,  now operating in more than 120 countries in four regions around the world.

In September 2010, as Secretary of State, Hillary announced the formation of this organization dedicated to providing clean-cooking stoves in place of dangerous open-pit cooking fires and  high-pollutant devices and fuels.  At CGI 2010, her keynote speech explained the need for this alliance and its mission.

At this year's meeting, Hillary announced that she is assuming the chair of the alliance's leadership council.

Secretary Clinton to Chair Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves Leadership Council

Washington, DC (September 26, 2013) – The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves celebrated its third anniversary today with major new announcements, partnerships, and commitments in support of a global market for clean cooking solutions.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who launched the Alliance in 2010, announced that she will chair the Alliance’s Leadership Council, an influential group of world leaders that provides the Alliance with strategic advice and visibility.

“We need to keep the Alliance going and growing,” said Secretary Clinton. “Find more partners; expand the market; put more stoves in the hands of consumers; save more lives. That’s what the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves is all about, and that’s why I will continue to be an enthusiastic supporter and partner.”

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Clinton Announces Doubling of Cookstove Distribution, Buoyed by Carbon Markets

Carbon offsets financed half of the 8 million clean or efficient stoves distributed in 2012, as high offset prices and corporate demand to enable stove projects drove $167.3 million into the sector. This from a new report by Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace tracking progress among partners of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.


September 30, 2013 | NEW YORK | “I would be invited into someone’s home, and I would go in and I couldn’t breathe,” former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tells of her experience with household air pollution from traditional cooking techniques, at an event held last week marking the third anniversary of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.

“My eyes were starting to water,” she continues, “I was having trouble because the stove was billowing out fumes which were something I had not had to live with for more than thirty minutes but that the women and children in the home lived with every day.”

In light of her experiences and recognition that an estimated four million people die each year from the use of traditional cookstoves and open fire pits that pollute indoor air, Clinton – alongside donor governments, businesses and NGOs – launched the Alliance in 2010. Its mission? To spur the adoption of more efficient or clean cooking solutions in 100 million households by 2020.

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It is clear that Hillary intends to remain very busy and involved in the issues that matter most to her. Among her current projects are Too Small to Fail promoting the health and well-being of children 0-5, Beijing +20 to research the degree of progress on women's rights since her 1996 Beijing speech having a target date of 2016, and her clean cookstoves initiative where she has taken the driver's seat. 

Our "Energizer Bunny" just keeps going  (as she quoted from Harriet Tubman in her 2008 Convention speech), and we will keep following and cheering her on.  Go Hillary!  You rock!