Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fresh as a Rosebud! At the End of a Busy Day Hillary Clinton Was Still Going Strong

Yesterday, Hillary's engagements began at 8:30 in the morning at Brookings, proceeded through Bill Clinton's being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, a trip to Arlington to pay tribute to John F. Kennedy and mingle with Kennedy family members, and an appearance at the Kennedy Center where she co-hosted the premiere of the new movie about Nelson Mandela.  It was a day resembling some of her heavy schedules as secretary of state, but the the film debut was not the end of it.  In the evening, she joined her date at the dinner for Medal of Freedom honorees at the Smithsonian.  She wore a flowered shawl and looked as fresh as the rose centerpieces.

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Hillary has some excellent informants.  She knew what the decor was going to be and dressed to blend in so beautifully.  It reminds me of how,  at the State Department,  she knew what venues she would be in and wore colors that picked up those in the environment.  Remember her "flag diplomacy?"  (No one called it that except me, but I have plenty of examples.)