Friday, November 15, 2013

Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Laura Bush at Georgetown in Support of Afghan Women

Gaston Hall at Georgetown University is a familiar environment for Hillary.  As Secretary of State, she spoke there several times.  The deep, burnished woodwork and religious murals always seem to complement her classic beauty which was on full display today.   Current Secretary of State, John Kerry, instructed male students on how they might capture the attention of a woman so awesome.

The program was in two parts. There were remarks by the three principals followed by a discussion led by former Ambassador for Women's Issues, Melanne Verveer wherein questions were addressed to Hillary and Mrs. Bush.

The main theme of the event was twofold:  progress made over the past 10 years in including women and girls in all aspects of Afghan society and maintaining that forward motion after American and international troops pull out and leave Afghanistan to its own resources.  Afghan women were assured by all speakers at this event that neither the United States nor the international community will abandon them and their aspirations.

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Here is a real treat! Hillary tweeted, not once, but twice from this event.  Obviously she thoroughly enjoyed participating in an initiative so close to her heart.

67 & 68 reunited today. Watching program backstage before going out to discuss .


After Kerry spoke, I sat down for Q&A with , my fellow Council co-chair.