Saturday, October 8, 2016

Give Hillary a Boost Before Tomorrow's Town Hall - HERE'S WHY ...

Hillary will step onto the town hall stage tomorrow night beside the least qualified human being to run under the banner of a major party perhaps ever. Republicans, withdrawing their endorsements of Donald Trump today, are citing their daughters and granddaughters.  You have to wonder why they neglect to mention their young sons and grandsons who are being exposed to the most primitive, offensive, dangerous example of male behavior ever to be seen on the presidential electoral circuit.

It is a challenge for parents whose little girls and boys are feeling inspired and empowered by Hillary and want to follow the campaign.  They have to worry about setting parental controls when her opponent appears since we never know what might come out of his mouth.

In case you missed it, here is one little girl who has hitched her wagon to Hillary's star.

Hillary Clinton Faces Her Toughest Interviewer Yet―11-Year-Old Marley Dias

The presidential candidate talks middle school insecurities, bad haircuts, and desert-island essentials.

 Hillary for America / Tyler Joe / Mia Feitel
Hillary for America / Tyler Joe / Mia Feitel
By Marley Dias
Oct 6, 2016
When I was really little, I wanted to be our first woman president. I always knew I want to be the kind of grownup who makes people's lives better. And since that's pretty much the job of the President of the United States, it seemed like a good idea.
But I've realized that you don't have to be very old to start trying to fix the problems you see in the world around you. (I'm 11.) That's why I created #1000BlackGirlBooks, a book drive to collect stories about young black girls. I wanted to be represented in books and show people that it's possible to create spaces to be seen and represented.
Hillary Clinton is someone who's never waited around for someone else to do the hard work. She's been an organizer and a change-maker for her whole life practically. But people don't really talk a lot about what she did when she was a kid like me. It turns out she's always been an activist. She's always wanted to make a difference.
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Last month, in Greensboro, North Carolina, Hillary made this promise.
... here’s my promise to you. I’m going to close my campaign the way I began my career and the way I will serve as your president should you give me that great honor – focused on opportunities for kids and fairness for families. -HRC 09/15/16
No candidate for president is more invested in securing a future where every child can reach her/his full potential regardless of the zip code in which they were born.  Hillary sees value in every person whether they can vote for her or not and whether they do vote for her or not.  She objectifies no one, unlike her opponent.

Let's give Hillary a boost before tomorrow's town hall.  Let her know that when she steps on that stage next to ... sorry but there is no better word ... that reprobate, we have her back!  Chip in whatever you can now and show her your support!