Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Statement on the Hurricane Matthew Aftermath

First, I hope everyone here weathered the storm in good shape and all is well with all of you.  It's been a worrisome time, and the crisis is not over yet with the floods in North Carolina and South Carolina. I hope everyone is safe.

Hillary release this statement today with some recommended links for donations. I bolded them so they stand out.

Hillary Clinton Statement on Hurricane Matthew Aftermath

As the Southeast addresses the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, which killed at least 26 Americans and caused damage in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia, Hillary Clinton issued the following statement:
“In times of crisis, Americans come together to support each other. That’s what we need to do now, as North Carolina continues to grapple with dangerous floods, widespread power outages persist, and communities from Florida to Virginia begin to pick up the pieces.
“My thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families of Hurricane Matthew’s victims. The federal government should do everything it can to help states and communities respond to the storm and build back better to withstand future disasters. Those who can afford to can help families in need by donating to the Florida Disaster Fund and to Team Rubicon, a veterans’ service organization specializing in disaster response.
“As we rebuild and remember those who were lost, we must also address the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Haiti, where it’s reported that Hurricane Matthew killed more than a thousand people. I encourage everyone who can to give what they are able to Unicef’s Haiti relief efforts here.”


I’m really concerned for North and South Carolinians dealing with such dangerous flooding. Please heed the latest warnings & stay safe. -H