Wednesday, December 18, 2013

5th Annual Hillary Rodham Clinton Year in Review: Installment II February 2013

February began with Hillary bidding farewell to her State Department team in the same jam-packed lobby where they had greeted her four years earlier.   Clearly, they loved her.

As was predictable since it had begun years before her departure,  a deluge of 2016 speculation, pro and con,  was unleashed.   We did not expect to be seeing or hearing from Hillary, however, because, first and foremost, she was still recovering and had returned to work in January sooner than her doctors had recommended.  Her longtime friend, mentor, and supporter, Ed Koch passed away.  At his February 4 funeral, President Clinton represented the family and reminisced about his friendship with Hillary.

Since we were not expecting to see Hillary for awhile or to hear from her,  neither did we expect to see her leaping onto the social nets with any immediacy, so when a Twitter account claiming to be hers popped up Still 4 Hillers were wary.   We all put on our Nancy Drew Girl Detective caps, located the impersonator, and before long he was removed from Twitter.

Amidst all of this speculation and imitation,  suddenly and without notice  our girl reemerged on Valentine's Day to accept the Civilian Service Award at the Pentagon.   She looked fantastic, and we accepted her surprise appearance as a Valentine to us!

Shortly afterwards,  Hillary-deprived  as we were, the great news that she would launch a series of speaking engagements was announced to our great anticipation.

As February was ending, we got to see our girl in the PBS production Makers.  The Hillary-drought following her resignation did not bring as bleak a February as we had expected.

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