Tuesday, December 24, 2013

5th Annual Hillary Rodham Clinton Year in Review: Installment V May 2013

By May of this year, Hillary was beginning to appear in public more regularly, and her speaking engagements were as likely as not to involve award presentations.  She had, in her fours years at the State Department,  received many awards and honors.  Now that she was no longer in public service many organizations rushed to recognize her considerable contributions to a variety of causes.

Washington, DC
Little Rock AK
Bill & Hillary Clinton Airport
New York NY
Metro East, Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel
Los Angeles CA
Pacific Council on International Policy
New York NY
Plaza Hotel
New York NY


Meanwhile, in the face of numerous polls favoring our girl, the Tea Party wing tip of the Republican Party continued leading the chorus of "Benghazi - Benghazi - Benghazi."     We continued myth busting.

The archive for May 2013 can be accessed here.