Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas and New Year Messages from Bill and Hillary Clinton

Clinton Foundation

Still 4 Hill,

The holiday season has always been a time to share good tidings of peace and love with friends and family. In this spirit of reflection and celebration, I want to share how much Hillary, Chelsea, and I have enjoyed working together over the past year to make a difference in peoples' lives all over the world.
Clinton Foundation

Hillary and Chelsea have each helped advance the Clinton Foundation's programs in meaningful ways and led us into new areas where we can make a positive impact – and I'm so grateful to share in this work with them.

But we couldn't have done it alone. Thanks to our committed staff, dedicated partners, and supporters like you, in 2013, our programs continued to make significant progress. As a result of our collective efforts:

  • 6.8 million people worldwide have access to low-cost, high-quality HIV treatment;
  • 21,000 smallholder farmers in Malawi have been able to increase their yields by 150 percent and their incomes by 567 percent;
  • More than 5,000 people have been trained in marketable job skills in Colombia;
  • And more than 20,000 schools across the United States offer improved exercise and nutrition programs.
And this is just a sample of the work we've been able to do with the help of generous supporters like you, Still 4 Hill.

Together, I know that we will continue to build on our progress to create an even brighter future.

But for today, I hope that your family experiences all the joy and love that this season can offer, and that your generous and kind spirit brings many happy returns.

From my family to yours, we wish you the very best during this time of holiday celebration.


Bill Clinton
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Clinton Foundation

Still 4 Hill,

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Make a tax-deductible donation today, and your gift will be matched.

Every child deserves the best possible chance at success – and they can't do it alone. They need a lot of helping hands along the way. Ever since my days as a young law student at the Children's Defense Fund and the Yale Child Study Center, I've believed that when it comes to our kids, we're all in this together. That's why I'm delighted that the Clinton Foundation has made it a priority to help children all over the world pursue their God-given potential.

With your support, we're working to prevent babies from contracting HIV; reduce childhood obesity; and promote new research on the science of children's brain development, early learning, and early health.

With so much work to be done across all of our projects, Bill has decided to personally match every tax-deductible donation to the Clinton Foundation until the end of 2013. Can you help us kick off 2014 stronger than ever? Every donation made, until December 31st, will be matched.

Over the past decade, I have marveled at how quickly the Foundation has grown, and how much good it has done. And I know the best is yet to come.

We have big plans for 2014. Our new Too Small to Fail initiative will help parents give our youngest children a good start in school and in life. No Ceilings will take on what I believe is the great unfinished business of the 21st century — helping women and girls achieve full participation in every aspect of our society. And we're going to take a look at economic development issues as well, particularly how to help young people get the skills and support they need to find good and fulfilling jobs. Across all our initiatives, we'll be helping more people in more places solve problems and seize opportunities faster, leaner, and better.

These aren't small goals, but we've never shied away from tough problems. The lesson of the last decade at the Clinton Foundation is that, with your support, there are no limits to what we can achieve together. And in 2014, as we expand our work into new areas, we will need your help more than ever.

There's no better time to lend your support for the work ahead. Remember, from now until the end of the year your donation will be matched, dollar-for-dollar.

Please join us as we continue to build a better world and a brighter future for all our children. We can't do this important work without you.


Hillary Rodham Clinton