Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Barbara Walters Unveils The Most Fascinating Person of 2013 - It's Hillary!

Under wraps until tonight was her choice for "most fascinating."  Nine of the ten names had been released prior to the broadcast of the ABC special tonight. 

Barbara Walters’ picks for ‘Most Fascinating People of 2013’ announced

It was not until nearly the end of the program that her pick for the most fascinating was revealed, and it was our girl, Hillary Clinton.

Not a surprising selection to Hillary's loyalists, it is a gratifying pick.  Thank you Hillary for all you do, an

Barbara Walters reveals her top 10 Most Fascinating People.
Some of the biggest names in news, entertainment and pop culture are part of the list, but the biggest question was who will be number one? Number one was Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton!

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PHOTO: Hillary Clinton was named Barbara Walters Most Fascinating Person of 2013.
Hillary Clinton is Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating Person of 2013.
Although speculation and rumors have been swirling for months over whether Clinton will make another run for the White House in 2016, she said she hasn't decided yet.

"I haven't made up my mind," Clinton told Walters in the ABC News special "Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2013."
BW Most Fascinating #1 Picks: Through the Years
Diana Walker/Liaison/Getty Images
Barbara Walters' 'Most Fascinating' No. 1 Picks

"Obviously, I will look carefully at what I think I can do and make that decision sometime next year."


"It's such a difficult decision, and it's one that I'm not going to rush into ... and I don't think we should be looking at the next election," Clinton said. "I think we should be looking at the work that we have today. Our unemployment rate is too high. We have people getting kicked off food stamps who are in terrible economic straits. Small business is not getting credit, I could go on and on, so I think we ought to pay attention to what's happening right now."

Today, for the first time in decades, neither Hillary Clinton nor her husband, former President Bill Clinton, who also appeared on the top of Walters' list twice, are in public office, which the former secretary of state called a "relief."