Wednesday, April 23, 2014

David Freedlander at The Daily Beast on Hillary Clinton's 'Superfans'

Hillary is up in New England honoring university speaking engagements today.  Meanwhile, here is a really nice shout-out from David Freedlander to those of us who, one way or another, devote large portions of our days and weeks celebrating and promoting Hillary's hard work.  Thank you, David!

Inside the World of Hillary Superfans

They’re ready to do more than just volunteer if Clinton runs in 2016. A Hillary tattoo? Her face on their car? That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Stephen Jaffe/AFP/Getty


One sees them whenever Hillary Clinton arrives in town. Without the means to afford the often hefty ticket price to see her speak, they stand outside with homemade signs, chanting, “Hil-Lar-Ree!” They have replaced the background photograph on their Twitter profile to a simple picture of the former first lady; their bio lists Hillary Clinton alongside their favorite sports teams. For seven years, they have tracked her every move on social media. And the moment Hillary Clinton shoots the starter pistol on the 2016 campaign, they will leave behind jobs, families, and responsibilities, and go where she needs them.

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