Thursday, April 24, 2014

UConn, Dual NCAA Number Ones, Gives Hillary Clinton Dual Onesies

Unless you gave up March Madness for Lent this year, you saw that one school took home both the men and women's championships.    Speaking at the University of Connecticut's Edmund Fusco Contemporary Issues Forum yesterday, Hillary was delighted to accept a couple of Huskies onesies for her grandchild-to-be from university president Susan Herbst. 

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Hillary Clinton speaks at UConn

STORRS, Conn. (WTNH) — Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew best how to reach Husky fans at an event on campus Wednesday night: basketball.

“A seven seed playing in the final four,” she said. “They say that never happens but that’s the kind of odds I personally like and winning, you busted every bracket.”
And she wasn’t done with compliments, highlighting how the millennial generation, including here at UConn, is service-oriented.

“UConn students participate in a wide range of community service projects and I’m very proud that a number of you have joined the Clinton global initiative,” she said.
In her speech she said she wants to open more doors particularly for women, spread access to education, and create jobs.

“I know it can’t be done without young people in our country deciding, making a difference,” Clinton said. “Let’s make the millennial generation the participation generation.”

Then questions came from UConn President Susan Herbst, selected from students on topics like Ukraine and immigration. But she was never asked about a possible 2016 presidential run – just about what Clinton thinks about the current bipartisan political climate.

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