Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hillary Clinton Inspires at Simmons Leadership Conference

Telling her audience that sometimes as secretary of state she was treated as an honorary man, Hillary Clinton charmed her audience at the Simmons Leadership Conference in Boston today with advice, personal insights, and her signature humor.

Revisiting her 2008 primary campaign she reminisced about those who wanted not just to knock her down but to knock her out and advised the "iron my shirt" guys to iron it themselves.  Crediting her parents and her participation in sports for helping her to build resilience, she advised young, perfectionist women to dare to compete and to choose "done" over "perfect."

She closed to a standing ovation - as we could have predicted.

A few choice quotes and twitpics follow.
"Always surprising to me how many women think they have to be perfect. I rarely meet a young man who doesnt think he already is"

"Sometimes your critics can be your best advisors. Reflect with an open mind & don't take [it] personally -grow"
“There’s an army of women and frankly, a very large group of older women who could make a real difference to America’s corporations, businesses, academia, politics — you name it,”
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Note to Jimmy Fallon:  If this is a man's pantsuit, please wear this one on your show.  The fringy pink tweed Chanel collar would give you a break from the ties and look just peachy on you!