Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hillary Clinton: Taking NOTHING for Granted

A day after delivering a major address on the economy at NYU,  Hillary is on the trail in Iowa again today.  Saturday-Schmaterday!  Hillary knows the nomination and election are not done deals and is working very hard to earn every single vote.

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Are you with Hillary in this battle for the ballots?  Do you know where she stands on major issues?  Are you ready?

Being ready for Hillary means more than simply casting your vote for her.  It means being prepared for the onslaught - already in progress - to discredit and defeat her.   It means being informed and ready to refute misinformation and outright lies.  Here are some places where you can find the truth about Hillary, her campaign, and her positions on policies that matter to you and your loved ones.
Hillary Clinton Newsfeed
The Briefing
Hillary Clinton Youtube
Hillary Clinton LinkedIn
Hillary Clinton on Facebook
Hillary Clinton on Twitter

Being informed is the first step.  If you really are ready for Hillary help her out by chipping in a few dollars every so often as you can afford to.  This is a grassroots campaign and every dollar from every individual counts.  You do not have to be a super donor to be a super supporter.


Finally, you can sign up as a volunteer.  Canvas, phone bank, set up an information table at a local event.  There are many ways to contribute in your spare time - even on a sunny summer Saturday! 

Hillary has always worked hard for us.  Now she is working for our votes and those of our friends and neighbors.  Let's help her out! Go Hillary! #Hillary2016