Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hillary Clinton: "Thank you so much...."

To everyone who pitched in this first quarter.

Friend --

I am so excited to announce this, I couldn't wait one more minute:

In the first quarter of this campaign, thanks to generous supporters like you, we raised more than $45 million -- a new record for this early in a campaign.

That is huge. It's the result of hundreds of thousands of you stepping up to stand with Hillary from the very beginning. Many people doubted whether we could build an organization powered by so many grassroots supporters. Today's announcement proves them wrong.

We're still running the numbers, and we'll be in touch again soon to tell you a little more about the incredible group of people (like you) who've chipped in to support this campaign. Stay tuned for that.

But even as we celebrate this great news, we can't get complacent. Between now and July 15th, our opponents are required to announce their fundraising numbers, too. Some of the Republicans are rumored to have raised $100 million into their war chests, every penny of which they'll use to tear down our campaign and strengthen theirs. So we need to keep working.

To prepare ourselves against this kind of onslaught, we’re going to continue to do this the right way: by building a campaign with the broadest possible base of support, driven by people chipping in what they can, whether it's $1, $27, or $2,700. So I think it's fair to say you can expect a few more fundraising emails from me over the course of this campaign. But, at least for today, I hope you take a minute to appreciate a job well done. This is your campaign and your record.

Thank you. I’m so glad we’re doing this together.


Robby Mook
Campaign Manager
Hillary for America

P.S. Hillary wanted to say thank you, too. Take a look at her note below: 


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