Monday, July 13, 2015

Speech Prep: Getting Ready for Hillary's Economic Address

Before the the speech even begins and before the "analysts" get their teeth into it, let me get this off my chest. Nobody and no group of bodies is pushing Hillary Clinton in any direction about taxes.

If you go to the link below you will find an archive of about 50 speeches she made as Secretary of State and later that included remarks on taxes. Click into any of them randomly and do a word search for tax. You will find that she has consistently said the wealthy (or sometimes she used the word 'elite') do not pay their fair share of taxes. She has said that about other countries and about this country.

It should come as no surprise if she unrolls a plan that includes increasing taxes on the wealthy. She has always believed they were not taxed enough No Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren progressive group pushed her to say those things then or now.

Go here for the archives for "Taxes" >>>


Get a preview of Hillary's vision for the economy before her speech at 10:00 ET: