Monday, July 11, 2016

Listening: The Real Hillary Card

Ezra Klein's article about Hillary Clinton, where he mansplains what he calls "The Gap" between how America sees Hillary v. how people who know her perceive her, viralized on the Hillary nets today.  Ironic that it took him so many words to communicate a simple message.  From the moment she stepped onto the campaign trail in New York in 1999 her campaigns have been heavily invested in close listening.

For eight years, alliances among a huge network of Hillary supporters have been centered on and held together by her listening-and-response style that first emerged as "the Hillary we know" at in 2008.  We've known all along that this is her strong suit.

Nothing against Klein.  Maybe some actually need the mansplaining.   Just thinking that most folks here would rather listen to Hillary than read a long apologia about her, so here is the interview.

Hillary Clinton

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