Sunday, July 17, 2016

The #60Minutes Trend

I switched briefly to that 60 Minutes interview (looking for America's Funniest Videos because I needed to laugh), heard Donald Trump's voice, and toggled back to CNN because his voice is beginning to induce migraines the way Mary Hart's voice purportedly caused the woman in upstate New York to have seizures.

When CNN began playing snippets of the interview, I decided to check Twitter and found #60Minutes trending.  I follow a lot of Hillary people on Twitter, but this is a hashtag. This is not inside the Hillary cathedral of folks-I-follow. This is a cross section of America.  Every single comment is negative.

The gold chairs alone elicited many comments.

 Missed it?  Adam Parkhomenko made it easy and efficient for you to catch right up!

America will decide, but if Twitter is any indicator, they are not loving King Donald and Prince Pence.