Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hillary Clinton on Vacation (Sort Of)

This picture has been all over the interwebs, so I trust Mme. Secretary will not mind me sharing it here.  The pooches are Seamus (Buddy's replacement whose name actually means replacement) and little Tally who fulfilled mommy's wish for a little dog.  So we see our Clintons are having a fun vacation with their pups and family.  That's a million dollar smile on her face.  But it's never a total vacation for the secretary of  state.  In today's press briefing, Victoria Nuland provided a readout of phone calls Mme. Secretary is making while  en vacances

We are still hearing buzz about a trip next week to the Cook Islands (cutting the vacation to a mere 10 days).    Here is Toria on Hillary running the world from the East Hampton
White HouseState Department.
Victoria Nuland
Daily Press Briefing
Washington, DC
August 23, 2012

MS. NULAND: Afternoon, everybody. Happy Thursday. I have three Secretarial phone calls to read out at the top here. The Secretary yesterday made phone calls to Iraqi Foreign Minister Zebari, Egyptian Foreign Minister Amr, and the new Libyan National Congress President Magariaf.

With regard to the call to Foreign Minister Zebari of Iraq, they discussed a variety of issues of mutual interest in our bilateral relationship, including the Iraqi political situation, recent regional developments, and our shared interest in ending the violence in Syria. They both affirmed that the long-term strategic partnership between the U.S. and Iraq is a source of important stability in the region.

With regard to the Secretary’s call with Egyptian Foreign Minister Amr, they obviously talked about the situation in Sinai and the ongoing Egyptian security operations. They talked about the visit of the IMF to Cairo and under the – with Christine Lagarde there as well, and the United States’ ongoing interest in support Egypt’s recovery as well. And they obviously talked about the situation in Syria.

And with regard to her call with Libyan National Congress President Magariaf, this was a congratulatory call welcoming him to his new position and reiterating our interest in supporting the Libyan Government as it goes forward and to working well with them on a broad cross-section of their needs as they strengthen and build their new democracy.
In addition to these phone calls she issued greetings to the following countries on their national days: Uruguay, Ukraine, and Moldova. 

Please stretch out on the chaise now, Mme. Secretary. I have an El Presidente with a twist of lime with your name on it.