Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bill Clinton Credits Hillary With Making Him President

In Chicago last night to receive the 2013 Lincoln Leadership Prize,  the first U.S. President to be so honored,  Bill Clinton credited Hillary with making him president.  We wonder why anyone would be surprised that Hillary would be there to see Bill receive this prize.   She is so proud of him, and he seizes every chance he can to say how proud he is of her.

Bill Clinton in Chicago to receive Lincoln Leadership Prize

Saturday, May 04, 2013
... the surprise guest of the evening turned out to be none other than Hillary Clinton.
"The person most responsible for making me president is here. The only American ever to be Secretary of State, a United States Senator and First Lady, so I want to thank Hilary and ask her to stand up," Bill Clinton said.
In typical Clinton style, the former president spoke for nearly twice as long as he was expected to. Not that anyone here seemed to mind. 
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