Friday, May 3, 2013

Lord, Give Me Patience!

You do, eventually,  become your mother.  You know that.  So, like me, you probably are finding yourself  saying, "Lord,  give me patience!"   That is also a prayer.  We call them aspirations, little prayers. 

If you were to any extent conscious on August 26, 2008, if you saw the bogus roll call vote on that day of celebration of women's suffrage, you know why,  once again,  my mom's words escape my lips. 

I know I did not hallucinate that day in August 2008.  I know I saw this person preside jubilantly at the nomination of a half-term Senator against HER!  Against the woman we have always known was the one. 

So she has finally come to Hillary?  Lord give me patience!    (Or am I supposed to say "Amen?"  or "Hallelujah?" I am confused.  What is the response supposed to be? )

Today would have been my mom's 97th birthday. 

Pelosi says she 'prays' Hillary Clinton will run for president

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that she "prays" Hillary Rodham Clinton will run for president.
Pelosi, D-Calif., speaking in Little Rock about current affairs in American politics, said she had no inside information about whether Clinton will run. But, she said, she considers Clinton the most qualified potential nominee.
"I pray that Hillary Clinton decides to run for president of the United States," Pelosi said, drawing loud applause from the crowd of several hundred at the Robinson Center. "... Nobody has been first lady and senator and now secretary of state. Putting everything aside that she is a woman, she'd be the best qualified person that we've seen [in recent years]."

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