Friday, August 21, 2015

From Left Action: A little dysentery in the ranks

The very gifted David Chase will be 70 years old tomorrow.  Happy Birthday, David, from a huge fan!  David is the creator of HBO's award-winning series, The Sopranos.   One recurring, signature feature of Sopranos scripts was the unexpected insertion of the malapropism: the incorrect use of a word that sounds similar to the one that should have been used in that slot.

Tony Soprano, the main character, early in the series begins seeing a psychiatrist in order to deal with panic attacks he is experiencing.   One character, a loyal member of Tony's crew offers this:
There's no stigmata connected with going to a shrink.
The term derives from a 1775 Sheridan play, The Rivals,  in which a character named Mrs. Malaprop never manages to find quite the right word.  Her lexical selections are always mal à propos.  Inappropriate.  A good word incorrectly inserted in the context.

Tony is an artist whose medium is the malapropism.  He calls his mother "an albacore around my neck." We know he is a Republican.  He agrees with "Senator Sanatorium."  He is educated.  One semester at Seton Hall.  Discussing organizational strategy, he refers to Sung Tizzoo as the Chinese Prince Matchabelli.   When his psychiatrist mentions Cap  d'Antibes,  Tony assumes it is some explorer or officer he has never heard of on The History Channel and repeats the comment to a crew member as Captain Tibe.

Tony's crew members share his literary flair.   The added dimension of unintended comedy from dead-serious and deadly guys was part of the show's attraction.  I was prostate with grief. The sacred and the propane.  Even Tony's son A.J. got into the act referring to Sacco and Vanzetti as "the anti-Christs."  His sister Meadow, the logical, Columbia U. student, corrects him by asking how there can be two  anti-Christs when there was only one Christ.

How fitting it was, on the eve of David's milestone birthday, to receive this in my email today.

A Democrat has lived here for 7 years:

And 5 Democrats want to move in 2017:

These are great candidates, but is there anyone else you’d want to see in this race?

Which Democrat should join the 2016 race?
(Choose as many as you'd like)

Joe Biden >>
Al Gore >>
Elizabeth Warren >>
Lawrence Lessig >>
Stick with Current Candidates >>
Other/Write-in >>

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In fact, Left Action, Lawrence Lessig is already in the race for all intensive purposes!!!!

Tony Soprano's nephew, Christopher Moltisanti, had a name for this action.
Creating some dysentery in the ranks.
Thank you for that, David Chase.  Indeed there is something Matchabellian about the whole thing!  It has a scent to it. Maybe Left Action thought this race was an effing stagmire!   Once, again,  many happy returns!


I'm sticking with my girl!

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