Monday, August 17, 2015

The Mean Season: CNN Joins in the Hillary Clinton Bashing

On CNN this afternoon, political director,  David Chalian blamed Hillary Clinton for making her server and emails political.  Apparently he missed the July 15 letter from Democrats on the Select Committee on Benghazi.

Select Committee Dems Call Out Republicans for Turning Political Turrets on Hillary Clinton

July 15, 2015

As Hillary said at the Iowa Wing Ding dinner this past weekend, it is not she who has turned this issue into a political football.

Not only is Hillary not the one who turned tragedy into a political issue, the ones who have done so have changed the focus of the investigation from physical security in regions at risk to communications security inside the government.   From the beginning, Hillary has promised to cooperate fully, to provide the documents requested, to testify publicly, and to answer all questions.  Proactively, she provided 55,000 pages of work-related email to the State Department and asked the department to release the emails to the public.

Her focus all along has been the American public, her former and, she hopes, future employers.  Dogged by a whiny, overwrought press corps since before she announced her run, she has consistently kept American voters and their concerns central to her campaign from the moment she asked us to hire her.

You really cannot blame Hillary for distrusting the media which long has been critical and adversarial on all things Clinton.  The recent smear effort by the New York Times attests that Hillary-hatred is alive and well in so called "newsrooms."

Blah blah + (Hillary) Clinton + Blah blah + Criminal = Header Formula

July 24, 2015

NYT: Strong on the Hillary Attack – Feeble on the Walk-Back

July 25, 2015

NYTimes Washing its Hands and Dryig them in the Dust on Botched Implication of Hillary Clinton

July 28, 2015

CNN has joined the ranks of Hillary bashers.  Netting the first exclusive interview with the candidate since the campaign launch appeared to be a feather in their cap at first.  But Brianna Keilar abused the opportunity to launch her own campaign - against Hillary.
KEILAR:  I'm wondering if you can address a vulnerability that we've seen you dealing with recently.  We see in our recent poll that nearly six in 10 Americans say they don't believe that you're honest and trustworthy.
Do you understand why they feel that way?
CLINTON:  Well, I think when you are subjected to the kind of constant barrage of attacks that are largely fomented by and coming from the Right and -
KEILAR:  But do you bear any responsibility for that?
It is a mean season.  Megyn Kelly is apparently at fault for her own abuse from the mouth of Donald Trump.   And Hillary is ... what?  Responsible for attacks on her?  Blaming the victim, especially when the victim is a woman, has been going on for millennia.  So CNN's new posture on Hillary is to blame her for attitudes promulgated by the media in the media.

CNN should be very careful taking a page out of the New York Times manual, however.  It did not turn out so well for the Times when their story was shown to be fiction.  Chalian is wrong as the July 15 letter attests,  and Hillary is right when she says that the Select Committee has altered its purpose and done so for political purposes.

They would also be well-advised to think twice about trying to victimize Hillary Clinton.  Another of their anchors, Kate Bolduan, won an interview and plane tour with Philippe Reines back in January 2013 as Hillary was recovering from a scary blood clot.

Philippe Reines: “I felt sorry for the blood clot.”