Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Awesome Roundtable with Caregivers

The name of the union is Service Employees International Union.  The service they provide is homecare for those with disabilities and health conditions that require assistance.  The participants were all women,  and their stories, every one, were at once both heart-wrenching and heartwarming.

These women work hard.  Their work is physically taxing.  It requires training, not just to qualify for the certification, but also along the way as client needs require special forms of care.  They work cheerfully and love what they do.  They must, because considering their working conditions and pay,  love is the only explanation for how and why they do this work

One woman, Lizzabeth Bonilla, has been doing this work for 42 years for $10 an hour.  She has never had a penny raise in all of those years.  Yet  this work is her passion.

08-06-15-SEIU 02408-06-15-SEIU 020

Many of these women began this work because of a family situation that demanded it: a sick father or husband, a disabled child.  In helping at home they found a vocation they loved and went out and got the training and licenses, and extended their services out to the community.  They receive no sick pay, no paid leave, no pay raises, no carfare between client residences. They work a 40 hour week, sometimes more.  Some work for free for someone because that person needs the help and does not qualify for the assistance.  One woman works 56 hours so that she can cover her bills and still had to seek charity to buy her eight-year-old shoes when hers were too small.

08-06-15-SEIU 022

More than one woman wept, not because she works so hard, but because she had to accept food stamps despite her long hours and years of work.  No one in this country who provides these needed services should be so poorly treated!

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They spoke of love for their clients and for their work.  They take great pride in their work and pointed out that they save Medicaid payouts by keeping people happy in their homes where they want to be.

Hillary listened attentively to all of their stories  She promised to look into the Medicare qualifications since some people who need this assistance do not qualify for it under Medicare.  She told them to continue telling their stories. and she will make sure these stories are heard.

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These are proud people.  They are professionals.  They should be treated as such and receive fair pay and benefits.

This was one of the best events of the campaign that I have been privileged to see so far.  It was touching and beautiful in a gritty way. These women have grit. So does Hillary. It was a perfect fit.

If you missed it, don't take my word for it.  Watch!

And then let's get Hillary Clinton nominated and elected!  She's the one! She has heard, and now she will devise fair and equitable plans for Americans like these lovely ladies and their clients.

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