Monday, August 24, 2015

Keep calm; Keep on; Keep going!

Like Hillary Clinton, I had the immense privilege of seeing the great Dame Helen Mirren in The Audience on Broadway not long ago.

Helen Mirren pokes fun at the Clintons

Peter Morgan's tour de force for Mirren speculates upon conversations between HRM Queen Elizabeth II and eight of 12 Prime Ministers who have served under her reign so far.  These regular audiences occurred every Tuesday, were informal, and not minuted.   Thus, all dialogue is of Morgan's invention (with a Mirren ad lib thrown in here and there).  Dame Helen's trepidation upon meeting Her Majesty  have, a few times,  centered on whether they "got it right."  Once after the film The Queen, also penned by Morgan, and again after the stage portrayal.

At an award ceremony not long ago, Prince William welcomed Dame Helen to the stage asking whether he should call her "Granny."  We can guess that the Crown was not displeased with the opus or the performance.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had regular Tuesday meetings,  published on her daily schedules,  usually at 7:30 a.m.  They were breakfast meetings with VP Joe Biden at his residence.  Whenever Hillary was in town and not traveling, these breakfast meetings took place.  As far as we know, these breakfasts were also private, informal, and not minuted.  If you were around these pages in those days you might remember them.  They were the object of fevered speculation before they became commonplace Tuesday occurrences.

Because this is a Hillary blog , and not an Obama or a Biden blog, it has not been noted here that the POTUS and VP have a similar weekly tradition. They have a regular Monday lunch.   Today was Monday.  They had lunch.

No one but those two people knows what they talked about today or last week or any of the Mondays going back.  To pretend to is to take on the speculative robes of the playwright and spin a tale as Peter Morgan has of the Queen and her PMs.

What is newsworthy about two people who work together having lunch, especially when they do so regularly, is unclear at best.  That it should whip up a frenzy borders on the ridiculous.  But then, the same thing happened when Joe and Hillary had - what???  Had breakfast together  - again - a little more than two years ago.

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden to Reprise Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club – For Tomorrow Anyway

July 29, 2013
Before everyone goes full-throttle into “what-does-it-all-mean” mode, allow me to remind long-time readers here that when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State,  early morning breakfasts at Joe Biden’s residence were a regular feature on her Tuesday schedules from the State Department when she was not traveling.
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Well, make of it what you will.  Maybe you can construct a Tony Award-winning play of all this.  What you really cannot do,  unless you have met some fly that was on the wall or picnic table, is say what Joe Biden and Barack Obama talked about today.  Oh yes, we all know.  Biden met with Elizabeth Warren yesterday (we do not know what that was about either),  and the daily presser was largely devoted to the plummeting markets except when Josh Earnest was pressed to speculate.  He refused to perpetrate fiction.

Take a deep breath.  Take some advice from the Brits.


The Blitz is yet to come, and if you thought Hillary Clinton got into this race thinking it was going to be a cakewalk, you do not know Hillary Clinton.  Long before she finally announced, she thought of every possibility and has promised to earn every vote.   We will not be seeing Hillary Clinton making any mistakes like this, and it will not be a "coronation."

It isn't even the stormy season yet. Keep calm. Keep on.  Keep going.


 Panic and frenzy are a distraction and a waste of good energy.