Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bill Clinton Wants Hillary To Take At Least A Year To Rest And Recharge

In Los Angeles to accept an award from GLAAD and spending some time on the stump for L.A. mayoral candidate, Wendy Greuel ,  Bill Clinton said he wants Hillary to recharge her batteries for awhile.   The L.A. Times reports that the former president made the statements while participating in a town hall with Greuel on Saturday.


... attention naturally turned to whether Hillary Clinton would run for president in 2016.
Clinton demurred, saying that his wife left her secretary of State post four months ago and has been recovering from the concussion she suffered after fainting in December.
"I've urged her to take at least a year … to rest and get her batteries recharged, and to stay back from politics, and then take a look at where we are and what she thinks," he said. "I have no earthly idea what she's going to do ... I think she did a heck of a job as secretary of State and I'm proud of her."
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