Saturday, April 27, 2013

Inside the Rally for Hillary in Dallas

When Hillary spoke in Dallas on Wednesday evening, our own Maddie was there to greet her!  Maddie attended the Ready for Hillary rally at the Four Seasons Resort and provided us with this account.  Thanks Maddie!
We only got a glimpse of her car at the “Ready for Hillary” rally in Dallas yesterday. There were at least 45 people there (we counted), and a few more joined later. Lots of press. CNN, FOX, local stations and one from Austin. They interviewed people and took footage and stayed the entire time we were there. The people who attended were from all over the area and all eagerly took the Hillary 2016 bumper stickers that were being passed out, as well as an informational flyer on the first organizational meeting to be held June 1st at a Mexican restaurant closeby..
There were all sorts of people there, people from the PAC, people who had worked on her campagian, volunteers and party chairs. People brought home made signs and wore buttons. Also, lots of “Ready for Hillary” and Hillary will “Turn Texas Blue” signs. Everyone seemed happy and eager to work hard, if Hillary decides to run. Lots of cheering and honks from people driving by.
I took pictures, but am going to have to get one of my friends to help me post them here, as I am clueless.
The only negative, was that the local newspapers played it down in today’s paper and decreased the number to “possibly 30″..but that was to be expected. After all, we were in Bush country and his museum was opening the next day, as noted by still4hill.
All in all, I’d say the mood was “determined”….when/if we get the word!!

Maddie sent this as a test picture, and I love it because it has all of us in it!  If I get more later, I will add them here.

More pics coming through.