Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hillary Clinton's Hair: The Adventure Continues

On Wednesday, in a tongue-in-cheek spirit, I playfully posted an entry on the ever-fascinating subject of Hillary's hair as metaphor.  OMG!!! She MUST be RUNNING!!!

Over the course of the week, Mme. Secretary had a little fun with the Hillary-Hair-Watcher Society.  We have no idea what the changing part semaphore could possibly mean except that Mme. Secretary, who knows how to knock a headline off a front page, is exploring all of the options offered by her new "do."

Tuesday 04/02:  Parted on the right


Thursday 04/04: Parted in the center


Friday 04/05: Parted on the left


We like the popped collar in this last pic, too.  Lookin' good, Mme. Secretary!  Seems you also know how to put a story on the front page as well!