Monday, January 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton at CNN's Democratic Presidential Town Hall in Iowa

Hillary spent a full day campaigning in Iowa. Then she stepped into the big picture arena with CNN's Chris Cuomo and an audience full of Iowans about to caucus in one week. Drake University hosted the event.

Bernie Sanders began by hearkening back to his Iraq War vote and encouraging people to hear what he said about that.  It is also instructive to listen to Hillary's statement on her vote at that time - her rationale, what she did not say, and what she said her vote did not represent.

Martin O'Malley, upon question one, removed jacket and rolled up sleeves. He does this symbolic act every time.  Reminder, this is about a presidential election, not a Tony Award.  Onstage costume changes work fine in Evita and The Audience.  This is Iowa, not Broadway.  He always comes off very smoothly scripted, and he dances well too.  Did a pirouette right around the question of where his support goes when he finally drops out.

Hillary came on with a skip and a hop and expressed heartfelt appreciation for President Obama's words about her.  She stood as soon as the questions commenced. She also danced a little - really danced!  Not metaphorically. Finally, foreign policy came up with Hillary onstage.  She said military intervention should always be a last resort.  On her Iraq War vote she countered that she has a much longer history than one vote.  That really needs to be the end of that talking point on all sides.

Topics came up for Hillary that did not come up for the others.  Aside from foreign policy and interventionism, there was Islamophobia.  She was also the only one asked how she would win Republicans over if elected.  Most inspirational president? Abraham Lincoln (with a few apologies to others we know).

I do not know what the Iowans will do next Monday, but if they are looking for someone ready to do the whole job, clearly that person is Hillary Clinton.

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This question came from an Air Force veteran, by the way.

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